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Thursday 9 June 2011

My All Time Favourite Eyeliner of All Time (and a dud) - Illamasqua

I love me some eyeliner - and, as this is my third eyeliner post in a row this week, you might have noticed that by now - and I love, love, love liquid eyeliner.  My default, go-to makeup on days when I simply can't be bothered is a neutral eyeshadow, a slick of liquid liner and a bit of bright lipstick, simple, easy, classic, and takes about two minutes flat to do ...

Anyhoo, my liquid eyeliner of choice is the Illamasqua liquid liner in Abyss, a black, black, black liner, which dries to a patent-leather shiny finish, and depending how you use the brush can give you everything from the finest of lines right at the roots of the lashes to make them look thicker, up to a full-on Amy Winehouse winged look.  I've used mine almost non-stop for the last six months, and it's still not showing any signs of drying up or running out.  

You can see Abyss at the top left there, shining away.

However, below that is Glister.  It's a flesh coloured eyeliner, replete with purple sparkle which I picked up from the "Toxic Nature" collection recently, because it was so different, and so pretty.  It's got all the good points of Abyss, shiny, great brush, doesn't flake or fade, etc, but ... I haven't got a clue what to do with it, mainly because on my skin (this picture isn't my skin, btw, long story, but doesn't Mr Lippie make a great hand model?) it is completely invisible.  Okay, not entirely invisible, because my skin isn't replete with pretty purple sparkles, but you know what I mean.

So, I've used it about three times, and every time it's just been a bit meh.  Do you own Glister?  How do you use yours?

The Fine Print: I purchased both of these in the Dean St store.  I think I'd been hypnotised by the floor in there.

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  1. Have you tried layering it over other liner?

  2. Do a double liner! A thicker one in Glister & Abyss in a fine line near the lashes. Or use Glister to pick light up in the inner corners of eyes or on cupid's bow. I'd use it anywhere I intend on picking up light. X

  3. Mr Lippie is indeed a great hand model. I've tried swatching things on my other half (no reason, just for fun really) and I swear he ran faster than the speed of light.

  4. I've actually reviewed Glister, I too was stumped at how to use it :) I tried it as an eyeshadow base, an eyeshadow and a liner (over dark and light shadows).

  5. I absolutely love Abyess, it's my favourite eyeliner ever. There's a good post here about different ways to use Glister:

  6. I haven't got Glister but I really wanted as it looked so pretty. I think I would use it in the way that Kenneth described and doubled it up with the black liner to give contrast. Abyss looks rather marvellous!

  7. I shamefully admit that Abyss has got away this far... *slaps wrist*!
    Will definitely purchase this once my Revlon runs out...!



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