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Sunday 19 June 2011

Holiday Makeup Bag

This post might surprise a few people, but the following is all I'm planning on taking away with me this week:

From left to right we have Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss: which has an in-built SPF of 25.  My lips are prone to cold-sores at the first sight of warm weather, so this is a must.  
Guerlain Terracotta foundation in Blonde:  a hint of a tan for the early days of the holiday, it's the only base product I'm taking.
Giorgio Armani Eyeliner in black: if you need a run-proof pencil, this one's your man.
Makeup Forever Smokey Lash mascara: The blackest, most volumising, lengthening mascara I own.  At the moment ...
Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope in Penelope:  Inspired by the colour of the Mediterranean, I couldn't not take this!  Even if I am going to somewhere on the Atlantic coast.  My palette is faulty, so if you want to see what this looks like properly, you might want to click here.
Sue Devitt  Palette in Beau Soleil:  Brand new, this is a gorgeous melange of bronze and coral shades which you can swirl together as a blush or use the shades individually as eyeshades.  
Guerlain Kohl in Oriental Metal:  A recent stash rediscovery, I'd forgotten how much I loved this one, but I've not stopped wearing it for the last few weeks! 
A trio of Louise Young eyebrushes: Newly added to my collection, a full review is on the way, look out for it!  
Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier pencil in Ava: beautifully smudgy, this dark purple will be great for a makeup look in two seconds flat.
Dior Lip Polish in Coral: found these in Paris, and now love them, a hint of sheer milky peach, keep my lips soft and moist in hot weather is imperative, which is why I'm taking this with it's innovative "roller" applicator with me. 
Eyelure Eyebrow pencil in shade 02: Well, I do need to keep my brows in order ...

And that's it.  To be honest, I don't really wear makeup when I'm on holiday, lip balm and mascara (if that) is about as far as I can be bothered to go in the evenings.  What do you take away with you?

The Fine Print:  I bought everything in the bag aside from the Sue Devitt and Le Metier items.  I'll probably be taking some more lipglosses, but I couldn't find them for this picture.  I bought them too, though ... oh, and a blusher brush.
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  1. That Sue Devitt "Ava" is a staple for me, including a matching dark brown - seriously, like 4x/wk for them. They go on SO smooth & easy - smudge a bit, throw on some mascara & BAM, you're done!

  2. I'm sort of the same, I'll try and wear makeup for the first couple of days then just get annoyed when the sun melts my mascara or the pool turns me into a panda


  3. wow you are travelling light. I always try not to take loads but end up throwing more in at the last minute. Ive heard great things about the smokey lash mascara, i must try it xx

  4. I love the selection of pretties for your holiday travel :D

  5. I love your choices. The Sue Devitt pencils are super for an effortlessly chic look. Penelope will be perfect too. Definitely a bijou bag of pretties!

  6. Wow, I wish I could travel that light! I'm going to Melbourne for a few days next month and my idea of travelling light was taking 2 giant palettes! XD


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