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Monday 20 June 2011

Equus Twelve Week Blowdry

So, the last thing I invested in before my trip (tomorrow - squee!) was a Twelve Week Blowdry with Darren Eaton at EquusI'd originally headed in for a Brocato treatment, but, because my hair currently has bleached ends (I had an ombre recently, too!), we decided that the slightly gentler twelve week blowdry would suit my needs better.  It took two and a half hours, and involved two blowdrys and a thorough going over with the straightening irons.  That's a long time to sit still, but the results have been worth it.  Darren is a straightening genius, and is very patient with lightly hungover clients, to boot.

I'm very happy with it, there's nothing worse than having to deal with fuzzy hair on holiday, and I have to say that - outside of the Onix system that I trialled almost two years ago - the twelve week blowdry is the one that's left me with the smoothest, easiest to deal with results of any of the myriad keratin treatments I've had over the last while!  I have smooth hair with plenty of body, and I know it'll be easy to deal with whilst I'm away.  Well, it had better be, because I'm not taking either my hairdryer or my straighteners with me (dear Jack Howard, if you're reading this, please don't judge me)! The twelve week blowdry costs from £195 depending on hair length.

My hair is a bit delicate at the moment, and we all know that bleach, sun, salt and chlorine aren't ideal for coloured hair, so I'm going to be protecting it with Swimcap whilst I'm away.  No, not one of those, this:

Designed to protect your hair from the elements, I'll be dousing my bonce in this every opportunity I get.  I'll let you know how it holds up!

And there it is, the last of my holiday prep done, and I'm off in just a couple of hours.  But, Get Lippie has a whole host of guest bloggers lined up to treat you with over the two weeks whilst I'm sunning myself, from bloggers old and new, with some names you'll recognise, and some you won't, but they're all wonderful, so I hope you'll make them all feel very welcome.  Oh, and Mr Lippie makes his long awaited blogging return ...

See you in a fortnight!  Mine's a pina colada.

The Fine Print: Phillip Kingsley samples provided by PR - but I paid for my hair service at Equus.  Good hair is worth investing in.

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  1. For a minute there, I seriously thought you were telling me you you were planning to wear a swimming cap. The blow dry sounds fab. Have a lovely time sunning yourself. Don't worry about us too much whilst you're off having fun......


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