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Friday 24 June 2011

Guest Post - Before and After

I'm kind of hoping that my guest poster today doesn't really need any introduction ... but, if you're not familiar, here's @MrLippie talking about how his life has changed since his beloved became a beauty blogger ...


At times, I find myself wondering how exactly I've ended up in this position - no, not the position of writing a blog post in a bit of a dozy frame of mind on a Sunday afternoon - but rather the position of having my grooming regime changed to such a considerable extent.


Now, I've always been very much a 'get up and go' person when it comes to my morning routine, with the philosophy being that the body needs a bit of a short, sharp, shock prior to facing the evils of the outside world. I try not to hang around, even to the extent that I don't generally have breakfast on a workday. So, speed is generally of the essence.

Also, prior to going out with the lovely Get Lippie, I have to admit being not interested at all in the wide range of "stuff" out there. I found a combination that worked, that smelled relatively ok, and that leant itself well to my preference for speed & simplicity. Experimentation was not on the agenda whatsoever.

So, down to the details....Head & Shoulders was the basic shampoo, with a Lynx shower gel (usually Africa) used in combination with that. Well-known brands, with the Lynx being perhaps a touch too aromatic for me these days, but, at the time, it was simple, not bad to the nose, and relatively cheap. I cringed at the advertising (still do, to a certain extent), but it got the job done. A brief spray with a deodorant (again with the Lynx) and then it was on to combating of stubble.

Again, wasn't hugely sophisticated in my choice of brands - I went into Boots, and picked whatever took my fancy - in this case it was generally King of Shaves Shaving Oil, combined with a Gillette razor of some sort - I can't recall the make offhand, but there were only the 3 blades, and it wasn't electric in any way...

And that was it. No shaving foam, aftershave, moisturiser....about as basic as could be. A touch of Brylcreem gel to the hair and I was good to go!

Fast forward a few years, to Lippie Towers and a teeny tiny flat with all the mod cons and the shower/bath that looks capable of providing its' own life support system.


I use Soap & Glory on my hair, a L'Occitane En Provence Shower Gel (although I sometimes switch to Fish for both of these), and another L'Occitane product as deodorant. Much nicer, a bit more variety, and less...predicatable, I guess.

Then, it's onto the here's where my habits HAVE changed, there's no denying it. A while ago I was lucky enough to get hold of a proper shaving brush - and I love it. Shaving foam of choice at the moment is Bluebeards' Revenge, which is marvellously cooling, and whilst I still use a Gillette razor, it's a Gillette Fusion, with a Remington Electric Shaver as backup for those days when I'm running extremely late!

I moisturise - using either Bulldog or Rehab London - and I have a wide variety of aftershaves to choose from (partly due to the ongoing perfume project!). Generally I'll use L'Instant de Guerlain or possibly Armani Diamonds....or Code, depending on mood. The hair gets sorted with a touch of Fish wax, and out I venture into the depths of London.

I still don't see myself as completely 'metrosexual' - I have a phobia of man bags, my hair gets cut for less than a tenner in a barber shop, and there is NO way in HELL I'm going to try guyliner - no matter what you all say - plus I'm far too attached to my rugby shirts & t-shirts to start worrying about being some sort of fashionista. Nonetheless, I have changed - and likely will continue to do so, as I'm exposed to more brands & products that genuinely hit the spot or attract my attention.

That's have your other halves changed whilst you've been blogging?


Get Lippie says:  Actually, I think I should show you a picture of what he really looks like now:

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  1. This did make me chuckle! My Man hasn't changed a bit despite 4 years of me beauty blogging! He still refuses to moisturise, uses the same H&S/Lynx combo of your previous days, and shaves when I tell him he resembles a grizzly bear! xxx

  2. I dunk my head in a vat of acid each morning in attempt to burn off freckles and gingerness. It hasn't worked yet.

    To retain my authentic computer programmer alabaster complexion, I have to moisurise. if I don't, Reading hard water makes me look like something out of Cabin Fever.

    I did try changing routine but my Mrs doesn't pay any attention. At my last hair cut, I went from Scooby-Do's best friend to a shade away from Bruce Willis and she didn't notice for 24 hours.

    If I were to fail to notice her having her hair done - and this include having the tips removed when it's always in a toddler-friendly pony tail - then my balls would be nailed to the front door as a warning to all men.

  3. Great post!! I wonder if one day my hubby's habit will change? Can't see it but you never know!! I'm totally lost on what this Fish stuff is your talking about though!

  4. I love this post! My guy uses what I use in the shower, and he only wears moisturizer in deep winter when his skin is about to crack. He eschews any kind of fragrance and would prefer that I wore none (too bad for him).

    He very much looks the part of a Viking with his blond hair and red beard, which he trims, but not as often as I'd like, and he never shaves the fuzz off his cheeks (or neck--blargh).

    When the day comes that his nose hair curls out to meet his mustache or his ear hair starts migrating toward what used to grow on his scalp, I will intervene. For how, however, I let him be. He's so tolerant of my obsession that I forgive him, and anyway--we just have one bathroom. I'd be extremely annoyed if he were always hogging it for manly primping. This house is big enough for only one diva, and if you include the cat, that makes two.

  5. I loved this! I don't how much the change came from living with me, getting older or the more recent blogging. His habits have changed over the years that's for sure. Whilst moisturiser is still a rarity, hair products, aftershave and shaving accoutrements are all areas to be fussy about! Have we created or tamed monsters?!

  6. My boyfriend is still using his Head & Shoulders, but I have gotten a male friend of mine to significantly change his view on grooming products.

    Really though, I just commented to let you know that I loved this post :)


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