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Thursday 2 June 2011

Elemis Freshskin

I do like a bit of Elemis, so when I found out they were launching a more "affordable" range of skin care, I was delighted.  Then, when I discovered that the aforementioned range of skincare was designed for 16-24 year olds, I was heartbroken.

But, I'm not one to brood, so,  being the kind-hearted soul that I am, I passed a selection of the products onto my workmate Bel, who agreed to try them out for me.  Take it away, Bel:

My teenage years weren't all bad, excepting the flat chest, train-track braces and highly temperamental teenage skin - all of which would eventually pass. Wouldn’t they?

I'm now twenty-something and when it comes to my skin I'm still stuck in a teen time warp. So believe me when I say I have tried all manner of things to sort my face out! Antibiotics, chemical peels, classic facials, microdermabrasion, and an excruciating treatment involving a laser, a humongous pair of suctioning tweezer things and a three inch needle - and yes I paid a hideous amount for the "pleasure".

So when Get Lippie offered (read as "had to wrestle out of my hands") me a testing opportunity for the brand new Elemis Fresh Skin range I was only too happy to oblige.
Elemis packaging has always looked a bit old ladyish for me. And although pretty inoffensive, the cerise and white packaging of this new range is probably hitting it’s target market - which admittedly may not be me (10 years too ahem, "mature").

The Peachy Perfect Skin Wash Cleanser  (£12) came in a handy dispenser, lathered well and had a lovely zingy fresh smell (chicory, elderflower and lemon apparently). My skin felt pretty tight after the first wash, but I persisted for a few days using it in the morning with my gentler Darphin cleanser in the evening. However after a week I had to stop using it as my skin got seriously dry. Having said that, with my skin like an arid desert, all my spots seemed to wither away.

Next up was the Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash - quite granular and abrasive. But then again that is what an exfoliator is generally required to be. It was too much when used in conjunction with the cleanser but used once/twice a week with a gentler cleanser it worked a treat, particularly for sweeping away dead skin cells around the nose. (My favourite exfoliator is in fact another Elemis product - the Papaya Enzyme Peel). The Day cream was a great consistency - the dispenser delivering the perfect amount of cream for my face. It gave a good level of moisture throughout the day but felt a bit cloying on the skin and my make-up didn’t sit too well.

Last but not least the Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser  (£22)- which was my favourite product. A lovely rich (what I thought was) lavender scented, moisturiser - that sent me into a blissful sleep! Turns out it was blackcurrant seed oil and barley extract. But how would it contend with my oily but dehydrated skin? Pretty well. By the morning my skin looked more glowing than usual. But that may be more to do with the sleep inducing properties of the "lavender" rather than magical skin glowing ingredients.

Overall not the range for me but I think "genuine" teenage skin would see a lot of benefits.

The Elemis Freshskin range is available from Timetospa

The Fine Print: PR samples - as always, the link to products is unaffilliated.  Many thanks to Bel for being this week's guinea-pig!

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  1. I LOVED the Softly Softly Moisturizer, it leaves my skin sooo smooth (:


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