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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Lost in Makeupland

Intriuged by this post at Lipstick and Lightsabers, I thought Lost in Makeupland had a great selection of neutral shades, and so this mineral-makeup-shy accountant was tempted to place an order.

Lost in Makeupland is an Etsy Shop, run by Belen, who manufactures all her items in Spain.  I thought the selection of shades was great, and very wearable. I run away from bright loose shadows like nothing on earth, and Anastasia's swatches made the colours look very beautiful and complex.  I picked out 12 shades to try, and here they are:

Shy and Faerie are blush/highlighters rather than eyeshadows, and they're beautiful.  Shy is a pink with gold, and Faerie is a white with peach, both of which suit my not that pale, and only slightly warm skin very well.  Libertine is dark charcoal with silver lights, and Purrrple is a rather dusty (and beautiful!) purple, that will work very well with my hazel eyes.  It's a lighter version of my beloved Twilight Grey from Laura Mercier, which I can't live without.

Bruised is a little more brown than Purrrple, and I like it a great deal.  7 Nation army is a blackened green with silver sparkle.  Volta is another dark, dark, purple, with just a touch of shimmer, and tan is - as the name might imply - a metallic tan shade.

Expensive is a complex gold shade, Guns'n'Roses is a gunmetal grey with silver glitter, bioshock is a blackened green, and Queen is a dark Cadbury purple. 

I think you can tell I was in a purple/neutral/smoky frame of mind when I ordered these!   All of the shades were beautifully silky to apply with a lightly dampened brush, and there was little to no fallout.  The colours are wonderfully complex, and occasionally appear slightly duochrome.  I mainly picked neutrals (for me, purple is a neutral!) but there's a wonderful selection of shades. Colour me very impressed.

I've just noticed from Belen's blog that she's just introduced a line of finishing powders which I think will be my next purchase from her store.

I bought a pack of ten samples for $6 from Etsy, and each sample is enough for around ten applications, I'd estimate.  Belen was kind enough to add in an extra eyeshadow and blusher as a free gift, for which I was very grateful, I wouldn't have ordered Shy otherwise, but it's lovely.  There are far more shades than this, and it's highly likely I'll be picking out a few more when I head over to order that finishing powder ... this is a mineral brand I can really get behind!

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