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Tuesday 15 February 2011

Parian Spirit

Every once in a while a product comes along that's nothing less than a miracle.  Parian Spirit is one of those products.  In case you're wondering, it's a brush cleanser, but it's not like any other brush cleanser I've ever used, it's much, much better.  No water required, no shampooing, and no endless rinsing, it's a miracle.

Essentially, you just dip your brushes in a shallow dish of Parian spirit, it dissolves the makeup on them almost instantly, then you wipe the brush with a paper towel, and presto! Clean brushes which dry in a couple of hours, rather than overnight.

I'm demonstrating this on one of my favourite brushes, my blush brush from Pro Makeup Brushes, which is made of white goat hair, and takes on the colour of whatever you use on it almost instantly.

How to use Parian Spirit:

Pour a little into a shallow dish:

(It's there, honest!  Up to the third line on the bowl)
Then, dip your brush into the liquid:

Swirl the bristles around in the dish:

Then wipe the bristles on a paper towel:

Once done, your brush will look like this:

Clean, and almost dry!  This was just one pass in the liquid.

Once I'd tried it once on this badly stained white brush, I used this to clean my entire brush collection (which is huge, I have two sets for me, and one set that I use for makeovers, a collection of nearly 100 brushes in total) and was done in just a little over an hour.  Something that if I'd tried it with shampoo would have taken several hours, and some of the brushes would have taken several days to dry.

I've used it on both natural and synthetic brushes of all shapes and sizes, and it works astonishingly well on all of them, leaving brushes clean, conditioned and smelling gently of citrus - it's also antibacterial, so your brushes will be super-super clean.  I simply can't recommend this stuff highly enough.

You can buy Parian Spirit from Pro Makeup Brushes who currently have it on offer for £14.95 instead of £19.95 for a 473ml bottle.

The Fine Print: PR Sample, but I've had this in rotation for about four months now, and I'll be buying another bottle.

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  1. I wonder if it will work on my face painting brushes.

    It is hell on earth getting those clean :-(

  2. That looks amazing. I'm so lazy about cleaning my brushes, maybe if I get some of this I'll do it more often!

  3. It's like one of those magic timelapse type photos (I think that is the right analogy I could easily be mixing my metaphors here) One minute dirty, next a swish of the hanky and ta da - clean, I can't remember the last time I cleaned my brushes, to be fair I am more a fingers girl and do clean them promise, but it is not easy applying powder with my fingers, for yes I have tried! Thanks for this. Jan x


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