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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Bulldog - The Return

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's the long awaited (and requested) return of Mr Lippie ... I've been nagging him to get back in the blogging groove, and here he is with some thoughts about some Bulldog goodies he was sent a little while ago ...
I've been using a fair few Bulldog products since my last rather "interesting" experience with them, and I thought it only fair to share how they've fared against my somewhat fussy instincts and tastes, given that I was perhaps a touch uncharitable in my last scribblings about them.
Firstly, let's talk about the shower gel. It's presented to us in a functional dispenser, with the trademark stark black & white packaging that Bulldog are known for, with just a couple of hints about what it may or may not do for the user. Not bad, a decent size, and looks like it means business. So far so good. Pouring it out onto the hand, and you're presented with a yellowy gel that is seriously aromatic. The eucalyptus just cuts through everything and makes this practically eyewateringly 'herby'. As to how it feels, it's quite refreshing, lathers up well, and has a nice cooling/soothing effect. Quite good when it's that whole feeling of first thing in the morning and you're barely awake! Nonetheless, not entirely for me - the smell just overpowers everything and is a touch too sharp for something your're applying as a precursor to the entire day - but still, not a bad product in itself!
Moving on to the next step in getting ready to face the day - the shaving gel. An impressively large tube of the stuff, again with the black on white classic packaging, and it all looks good. The gel is again somewhat yellow, with the odd random bubble in it, and yet again, the first thing you really notice is the smell. I'm genuinely not sure what it is about Bulldog and how I react to the smells - they are just far too sharp on the whole for me. Smell, however, is a very distinctly personal thing - and given some of the other products on the market, the aroma isn't that displeasing, it's just too herbal & sharp for myself. Anyway, moving on - it lathers up well, feels very cool on the skin, and doesn't turn me into a frothing monster of doom, unlike some previous gels I've experimented with. It remains (loosely) controllable, and doesn't spread over your face like some voracious fungus intent on world domination. Which is a plus, in my book.
The final product I'm taking a look at in this post is the 'Original Cooling' Moisturiser, which (funnily enough) is applied within seconds after finishing with the gel above. Yet again, I have to compliment Bulldog on the packaging. It's disctinct, consistent, and presents a brand image that's very 'no nonsense', which appeals on several layers to male consumers. I do worry that the organic philosophy that lies behind Bulldog is not necessarily expressed particularly well when you look at their products, but anyone who is actually focussed on that sort of thing will take the time and effort to a) examine the packaging and b) spend some time researching the market for products that match up to their desires. Moving on, yet again, and back to the product. This time, the smell is toned down CONSIDERABLY. This is a moisturiser I would happily use again & again as it's smooth, creamy, and the aroma is genuinely relaxing as opposed to being really sharp. Certainly one for any/all mornings.
That's it from me - for now.... 
Get Lippie writes: So, the frothing monster of doom has awoken ... I'll have to see what I can get him thinking about reviewing next ...
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  1. I think that the frothing monster of doom should have a go at reviewing some Tom Ford lipsticks...


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