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Monday 6 September 2010

Nude Eyeliners

 Up until a couple of months ago, I didn't own a single "nude" eyeliner.  Having been tortured throughout the '80s by white eyeliner that was supposed to make you look more "awake" (but in reality just kind of made people look like they had been attacking their eyes with Tipp-Ex), I didn't really think there was anything you could realisitically use these pencils for.  I'd been reading a lot of love on blogs for Stila's Topaz, and when it came up on ModestyBrown's blog sale I bought it.

And now I own seven. <sigh> I'm not sure if it's a problem or not, to be honest.  I now have Une's Skin Glow, GOSH Go Bananas, Stila Topaz, Chanel Clair, Mally's double ended pencil, Laura Geller's I-Care pencil in Bone, and Guerlain's Secret Glow.

Did someone mention swatches?  Here you go:

Thoughts on each:

Une Skin Glow: This is actually meant to be a concealer, but I find it works marvellously well on the waterline, it's light and creamy, and lasts pretty well.  As it's meant to work on your skin to cover up blemishes, it works remarkably well on the waterline to disguise any redness.  A winner.

GOSH Go Bananas: This is actually a shimmering yellow.  Not actually that great as a nude liner, it's a little too yellow for that.  That said, this lasts astonishingly well, and won't actually disappear until you use a remover to take it off.  Great for highlighting around the tearduct rather than using on the waterline, if you ask me.

Stila Topaz:  Although this was the one that started off my collection, I have to say that it's very much not my favourite.  In fact, it's probably the worst liner on this list.  Why?  Well, it's very soft and creamy.  FAR too soft and creamy, in fact.  It's exceptionally easy to overapply (making it look like, well, ta bit like: Your eyes are leaking!! Leaking onto your face!!!  which isn't a great look outside of Halloween), and it can get onto your eyelashes a bit which just looks wrong, really.  Also, it's a little on the peach side, which means it's not a great match for most people's skin tone.

Chanel Clair:  Probably the hardest pencil on this list, it's very subtle, and all the better for it.  The firmness means you don't get the "ooziness" of the Stila, and the colour is very good too.

Mally: The second palest on this list, this gives a very similar effect to a while pencil.  If you're very, very pale, this might be a great choice for you.  It's a double ended pencil though, so means you don't get very much in there.  I'll be talking about the other half of this pencil next week ...

Laura Geller: Another hard pencil, this time in a shimmering ivory shade.  Possibly the prettiest pencil in the collection (and has a great built-in sharpener), alas, I can't get this one to show up on my waterline at all.  Such a shame!

Guerlain Secret Glow: A shimmering vanilla shade, this is glorious (and works well as a browbone highlighter too), being a powder, it's easy to overapply, and make yourself look a little odd, but I do love this one quite unreasonably.

Overall, the ones I'd buy again (and I did buy most of these myself) would be the Chanel and the Une.  What do you think?


  1. omg.wicked
    this comes such at the right time
    nearly tweeted yesterday: anybody knows of a nude liner, noticeable but not as stark as white?
    'une' here i go and I am going to buy this one. so handy to know your thoughts on the stila, i think if i had to go on the swatch alone, i would have bought the stila one. thanl you so much xx

  2. I've never used a nude liner before, would you be able to explain to me what they do (and if it's worth getting one?)
    Thanks so much!

  3. Love the Chanel too, it isn't creamy like I usually like but find the colour perfect and it lasts quite well! I also use 17 lipliner in Fawn as a nude liner my absolute fave, one to try :)

  4. I love Chanel's Clair for those times when my allergies are acting up or my eyes are just irritated. Clair on the lower waterline cancels out a lot of the redness. Between "natural tears" and Clair, I no longer look like a rabbit!

    For evening, I like Chanel's Blanc applied lightly to the lower waterline. It's got a subtle pearl finish rather than being frosty or iridescent.

  5. I have glominerals eyeliner in Peach ($16) and LOVE it! It was my first nude eyeliner and the best I have tried. I use it a lot in the summer (or gold eyeliner) to tightline (inner rim) and it gives a great wide eyed effect.

  6. I have glominerals eyeliner in Peach ($16) and LOVE it! It was my first nude eyeliner and the best I have tried. I use it a lot in the summer (or gold eyeliner) to tightline (inner rim) and it gives a great wide eyed effect.

  7. I own five nude eyeliners and after seeing Lisa Eldridge use one in her 'morning after the night before' video I use one on my waterline nearly every day.. my favourite is Max Factor's Kohk kajal pencil in '090 natural nude' - but even better than that is a concealer pencil in 'light' by Shiseido.

  8. Oops, sorry about the oozing eyes! I thought it was just me that doesn't get on with creamy pencils. I have all kinds of issues with UD 24/7 pencils.

    The Chanel version is really tempting me. Both colour and texture.
    Jane x

  9. Thank you for this post - I have the very same problems with Stila Topaz!
    I'm now using Benefit High Brow, which also manages to stay on all day :-)

  10. Never bought them before, but was tempted by the new Chanel one. I was a little nervous with it, thinking it might be too obvious against my Indian skin tones. But boy, do I love it! I've even worn it on the school run (since term started two days ago!) and I love the wide awake look it gives me.

    Might try one or two others, but so far, the Chanel one is doing it for me. Was thinking of the Smashbox one - any views on that?

  11. Munichjoolz is completely right about the Max Factor kohl. It's wonderful. It's soft, but stays on the waterline. I completely love it and its not expensive. My Max Factor kohl pencil is 090 Natural Glaze not Nude...maybe the name changes lightly depending on the country. But, the number is the same. Go buy it!

  12. Do you remember the color name for the Mally one? I thought I'd try it since it looks like it would be white, but not TOO white. But the closest thing I can find on her site is a shade called Tinsel?


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