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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Yes, I'm showing you my drawers today, for today is the day I downsize my makeup, toiletries and haircare collection prior to the "Big Move" next week.

I've just realised that seven of the drawers in this chest (plus the top of it, plus the ikea, um ... thingy downstairs, plus a couple of shelves in the wardrobe and a plastic crate in the bathroom) are full of my beauty products.

I've always been a beauty hoarder, my rooms are filled with products I treasure, and cannot bear to be parted with, stuff I like that I'm going to use again on a semi-regular basis and stuff I'm not sure about but I'm convinced will "come in handy" one day ...

Now, as I'm moving to a flat with less storage space than I currently enjoy, my challenge to myself is to GET RID OF SOME OF IT!  But my question to you is how?  Where do I start? Naturally, I'll be giving most of the rejects to friends, but only after throwing out some of the more venerable (elderly/disgusting) items.  No blog sales, here, sorry! 

If you had to cut down your stash by half (say) what would you get rid of?  And, what, out of your collection, would you absolutely not be parted with under any circumstances whatsoever?

I need some inspiration, peeps!


  1. I follow the same rule as with my wardrobe: if I haven't used it for 18 months, it goes. Giving away to friends and family feels easier than just chucking as in the back of your mind, you can "always steal it back again". Haha. X

  2. Give away to friends and family... get rid of stuff you haven't used in ages, things you have had a long time that have probably expired. Good luck :) X

  3. Same as Ruth, if I haven't used a product in 18 months, I chuck it. Or if it makes me unhappy using it (same philosophy with my clothes).

    Good luck with the move! I love a good move! It's a good chance for starting afresh, getting rid of all the excess stuff you've been hoarding and feeling lighter all round.

  4. Hmm, I'm finding it hard to think of any makeup I'd part with right now, but then it is just over a year since I moved so I did the chuck then.

    I think I'd do it on replaceability and price if forced.

  5. I pass all skincare and make up items to my two cousins and bits of make up to my nieces too. The things that Ive had a while, that are still in good condition, but havn't been used for ages, I chuck.


  6. I'm going through a similar thing right now and... I don't know (though I'm not moving)! I've tried swapping but it just leads to more products! I really want to downsize though.

  7. Are you taking the drawers with you? Think my plan would have to be to invest in pretty storage that fits the new space and then move all the makeup in to that (adding favourites/can't live withouts first). Whatever's left gets chucked (or relegated to a box under the bed).

    My last clean out saw me gt rid of nearly 30 dodgy makeup brushes - unwanted sets, freebies with mags, palette eyeshadow sponges. I'm down to 6 in total now in a mirrored glass holder and they look so much prettier!


  8. I'd probably throw away all the lipsticks I've only used once, because they'll probably turn soon (if not already) - and frankly, if I havent used a lipstick much I probably wont use it again LOL :D

  9. I can't get rid of makeup at all - clothes fine, not worn for a year and out, but makeup, the number of times I have gone through my stash like a dose of salts only to need something the same week, no sorry no help from me at all, I keep it all! Jan x

  10. Get rid of all the "it'll come in handy one day" stuff. If the day hasnt come by now, then the odds are that it wont.

    When I did my clearout recently, I got shot of all the weird freebies, like the mini palettes you get when you buy a perfume, anything that came on the front of a magazine, anything mini-sized, and any hair product that I never use. I am a sucker for conditioning products that claim wonders for the hair and never do anything, so they all went too. Friends and colleagues were extremely pleased with their loot so I didn;t feel so bad about pruning my collection.

    I'm about to do the same with my nail varnish stash (gasp!) and eliminate any shade that I didnt like /didnt suit me / was only bought by me for review purposes and not for ME personally because I liked it.

  11. I don't know that I'd ever be able to part with anything, no matter how useless. What has helped limit the space my makeup occupies: depotting. I depot EVERYTHING and put them into the Large Trish McEvoy pages. I'm sure most makeup fanatics would squeal in displeasure at the mere thought of depotting a Chanel eyeshadow and throwing out the container, but that is exactly what I do. Yes Chanel, YSL, D&G, Nars etc your packaging is lovely. However I simply do not have the space to store it. I find I use eyeshadows and blushes so much more when I can see them through the clear tops of the Trish McEvoy pages. (Not all of the metal pans are magnetic so sometimes you have to go out and buy magnets or stick them in with a bit of double sided tape.) I have become so anti-packaging that I wish all companies would dispense with all the fancy packaging altogether and just sell magnetic palettes. It would be so much less wasteful of both materials and space. Of course this doesn't help at all with all the skincare products...

  12. I need to be ruthless with my stash. I realised that I don't use most of the makeup I have. I think I just need to be very honest about what I use, and if it hasn't been used in the last 6 months it's not being kept. I actually think if I have less makeup I might use more of it, as it'll be easier to see what's there. At the moment it's all spread out so I always use the same small set of products.

  13. Even if I don't use it, if it's half used I just can't bear to part with it. Especially the pretty stuff. But I have boxes and boxes too that I need to get rid of. Perhaps an impromptu beauty sale with my friends calls!
    Loving your blog. TBAG XXX


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