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Monday, 13 September 2010

Tangle Teezer

Sometimes something is so simple that you can't tell how it works even when you've got one and have spent many an hour staring at it, playing with it, picking it up, putting it down, taking it apart and then putting it back together.  I have even, I have to admit, actually even resorted to using the darn thing, and I still can't tell you how it works.

So I'm assuming it's some kind of magic. Certainly, it's worked miracles on my hair.

The Tangle Teezer, launched in 2007 by the irrepressible Shaun Pulfrey, has a kind of mystique in the beauty business, largely down to an infamous appearance on Dragon's Den the same year.  Shaun was turned down by the Dragons, but he's never looked back since!  I met with Shaun recently, and he told me all about the backstage shenanigans, which were utterly hilarious, funny and loveable, Shaun's a real tonic after a tough day at work, I can tell you!  He spent 20 years as a colourist, but now his brushes are taking over the world ...

Speaking of tough, I've been giving Shaun's compact Tangle Teezer a thorough workout in the last week, too.  Designed not to pull or tug at your hair, no matter how tangled, the brushes are said to make styling and brushing a breeze.  On first sight, the brushes don't look too different to many other ones on the market - although the lack of a handle does mark them out a little bit - but it's when you put them to your hair that the real difference appears.

Even on the wettest, most thick with product, tangled hair (that's been caught in a gusty rainstorm, to boot) the Tangle Teezer simply floats over the knots, untangling and leaving your hair flat and smooth.  There's no tugging, no pulling, and no pain.  I have no idea how, it's simply astonishing!  I'm not astonished by much these days, so it was a nice surprise to discover that there are no bells and whistles on this product, and it just does what it says it will. And does it blimming well!

Any brush that can float through my mad - and maddening - mane has to be a miracle, have you got yours?

Tangle Teezers cost from £9.99 and are available from Boots, and the Tangle Teezer website.

The Fine Print: Brush used in this review was a gift.  Sorta.


  1. Hmmm... may have to buy this, just to check your wild claims.

  2. Yay, great post and a great product. I love the tangle teezer. I like to use it on wet hair when i am in a rush and dont have time to wait till it's a bit dry to brush it. and I use it as well on wigs. I first bought it actually for wigs and it's just the best. Totally didnt know it was a dragon's den thing. I would love to see the appearance. If you have a link to that part of the programme, I would love to see it

    thank you xx


  3. My prob with Tangle Teaser is that there is no handle, and with hair my length, I get cramp from holding it - perhaps it is arthritis :-D

  4. This was used on my hair after I had the cleansing shampoo, before the Brazilian blow dry. My hair was a bag of knots from the striping and I was amazed how well this worked. I want to give it a try myself (I'm always very naughty and brush when wet) and must pick one up soon x


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