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Monday 27 September 2010

Wish List

If wishes were horses, beggars might ride, I guess ... but anyway.  Get Lippie is moving house this week, and I've been streamlining my makeup collection as a result of having to share my storage space with a fellow beauty blogger (okay, it's Mr Lippie) from now on.

Now, me being me, all this clearing out, and donating of products to the deserving has just lead me to start fantasising about what replacements I can make!  At the moment, I'd like any - and all - of the following, please:

Tom Ford Black Orchid Collection.  I was lucky enough to have had a preview of this last week - having previously written off the Tom Ford collection of lipsticks as being too rich for even my blood - and fell instantly in lust.  Consisting of a balm version of the Tom's Black Orchid perfume, a special edition black packaged Black Orchid lipstick, and a gorgeous Black Orchid (very, very remiscent of Chanel's Rouge Noir) nail varnish, this is a sophisticated shade perfect for autumn/winter.  Priced at a reasonable (in context) £90 for all three products, in Tom Ford terms, this is practically giving it away.  Want.

Speaking of Tom Ford - and sharp-eyed readers may be about to pick up a theme here - I'd also like a bottle of Black Violet by Tom Ford.  Or a bottle of Tuscan Leather.  Also by Tom Ford.  Seriously sexy scents these, I managed a little sniff recently, and fell in love with both.  I suspect Tuscan Leather would make a great layering scent for adding other perfumes to, and Black Violet surprised me a great deal by not, actually, smelling of violets.  I'm trying to get my hands on some samples of these, so I can have some more considered thoughts on the scents, but for now - BIG want.

Okay, so these two aren't strictly replacement products, but they are things I need to do again, well, I think so anyway:

I need a keratin treatment.  I had one in December last year, and I absolutely adored it, so it's time I got it done again.  I'm blaming Modesty Brown for this one, she had one recently, and I've been thinking about it for ages, so I'm waiting for the next time they pop up on Wahanda, and I'm booking me one!  They save me so much time and effort, it's not even funny.  Besides which, my hair is going through one of its periodic "insane" stages again, and even though I got the colour changed slightly - more about that tomorrow - recently, it's time to show it who's boss again, I think.

I need a spa day.  Packing all my stuff up - and downsizing my beauty collection by at least a third! - has taken a toll, and I'm exhausted.  I need a massage, and a day of someone else looking after me. Mr Lippie, send me to a flipping spa!

Oh, and I want one of these:

A puppy.  Highly impractical, but still.  Want.


  1. I want a puppy too. Unfortunately my big mean husband won't let me have one :(

  2. there is an offer on Groupon for a cut, blow dry and keratin treatment at Saco in Soho - for £23! i'm not sure that it's a full on brazilian blow dry type thing - seems a bit too good to be true if so!

  3. Aw, that puppy is gorgeous! Imagine what it might do to the new house though! LOL!
    I want a kitten so bad, its been on my wish list for years, but my brother is allergic :( deffo going to be one of the first things I buy when I move out!

  4. The puppy is super cute, but then they do get bigger...Like the pic of the nail varnish.

  5. A spa day sounds great. I definitely need a massage right about now! That puppy is adorable too! I'd add him to my list :)


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