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Friday 24 September 2010

D&G Orchid Lipstick Applied

I'm a doofus, I showed you the D&G autumn collection earlier this week and forgot to show what is, I think, the standout item of the collection!

That is the lipstick in Orchid, a glorious deep, rich fuschia shade, with a rather blue base:

I adore this shade, it's dramatic without being too "in your face" about it.

A creamy formulation (without feeling greasy) that lasts well, much better than, say a YSL Rouge Volupte, another creamy formulation, but one I don't like, to be honest. It fades evenly, leaving you with no ring of doom! But, being both very creamy and such a strong shade, it does have a tendency to feather, so ideally it needs a lipliner as part of your application routine.

I'll be wearing this tomorrow for a wedding, paired with a neutral, slightly smokey, eye. Similar to this, but with (hopefully) better lighting!

The swatch in the top pic is rather more true to life, don't know why I'm blue in this pic!

D&G lipsticks are available from both Harrods and Selfridges. At least until Selfridges ban them, that is!


  1. Very nice look, it lifts your face in a way that maybe a more red lip wouldn't. Thanks for this. Jan x

  2. Thank you! I've been looking for a color like that...its gorgeous!

  3. I really like this colour. Enjoy the wedding! x

  4. I love fuchsia lips so I love this shade on you :)

  5. Hi i have given this and your new blog a shoutout as i follow them both and love them..carnt wait to make that cake recipe...mmmmm..check out my blog on


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