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Monday 17 May 2010

Chanel Limited Editions

I've picked up quite a few over the years, and these are my favourites. There are no reviews or swatches with these, but if you'd like to see any, please ask.

And a closer look at each:

This last is the newest addition to my collection (courtesy of the lovely Charlie at Lady of the Lane) I love how it appears to glow!

I sort of regret how bashed up and over-used some of these are - what I wouldn't give for a pristine version of the Rouges Noir palette again! - but I think makeup is here to be used, played with and loved, not stuck in a box and saved for it's rarity value.  What do you think?


  1. I definitely agree with you :) though I would consider getting Marine Life from MAC and just letting it sit in a drawer and look pretty forever :P

  2. I feel the same as you, I think products should be used but at the same time I get a bit sad they are spoiled. I have a beautiful Chanel lipgloss compact I can't find a pic of anywhere nor can I lay my hands on the item (eek!) and it's so beautiful, but trashed!

  3. I agree.

    No point in just keeping it to look at, its like saving things for "best" when is "best" ?

    In my opinion, everyday is "best"

  4. I love the look of the Rouge Noir palette!

  5. so funny...i have all of these too!!!



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