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Friday 7 May 2010

Guerlain Rouge G

Ever since I saw a swatch of Guerlain Rouge G in Geisha over at LondonMakeUpGirl's blog recently, I had to have one! But I was thwarted at every turn, it being apparently sold out at every counter I'd attempted to buy it from.  Most annoying!  But, eventually, I got hold of one and was so impressed with it that I immediately went out and bought another.  Yes, I'm like that.  Geisha is a gorgeous brick red, and the other one I have is Georgia, a beautiful bubblegum pink:

Georgia is a very pretty peony shade that doesn't have a blue undertone, very important to me as I find blue-based shades harder to wear than practically anything else ...

Here's how they look on my lips:

At £25 each, there's no denying these are very expensive (and the cases are very heavy!) but the quality shines through, I think.  Certainly, I prefer this formulation to the almost as expensive Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Voluptes - personally, I think YSL RV's are too greasy, and they have a tendency to "sit on" the lips, much like vaseline does, rather than meld with your lip's texture. I own one RV, and can't see me ever buying another, to be honest. 

I swatched all ten of the Tom Ford lipsticks at the same time, there were a couple that I thought were nice, but I'm thinking that the £35 asking price might be a little too steep for me to indulge in a lipstick that I merely liked, as opposed to loved.  Having said that though, I also saw the new Giorgio Armani pink collection lipsticks this week, and I think I might have to indulge in at least one of those ... I think pink is going to be my colour for the summer!

How much is too much when it comes to lipstick for you?

The Fine Print: One of these was sent for review purposes and the other was purchased by me.  With money. And a little wince.


  1. Ooooog loving the red! It appears a little orange on my screen so not sure if it'll suit me. Might have to stop by the Guerlain counter after work!!


  2. I read LondonMakeUpGirl's post and started lusting after these lipsticks as well! :) the packaging is gorgeous!

    I think £25 is probably my limit...if I spent any more than that i'd feel way to guilty!

  3. I've never indulged in Guerlain...YET. The red looks amazing.

    The most I have spent is for the YSL Rouge Voluptes and for the Rouge Cocos but I don't think I can go higher than that price point.

  4. Wowee - these are stunning. Thing is, they may be £25 but at least they made an effort to do something interesting packaging wise, unlike the more pricy Tom Ford... Both colours are so lovely!

  5. I can see why you went to so much effort to get Geisha! Its so pretty and classic.


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