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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

If you read my Zuneta post yesterday, you'll know I'm about to have a milestone birthday.  In many ways the milestone birthday.  Eek!

But, I thought I'll make the most of it and share some of the wonderful goodies I've discovered over the last few months with you.  So, with that in mind, I'd like to offer you a chance to win all of the following:

Chanel Nail Varnish in Particuliere (limited edition, no longer available in stores):

 A Guerlain Kohl in Oriental Metal (limited edition taupe shade):

 And finally, one Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in the shade of your choice:

How to enter:

Okay, writing this blog makes me happy.  Discovering new products makes me happy.  Other bloggers make me happy.  Getting new comments on posts here makes me happy, Basically, this blog makes me a very happy bunny indeed, but I want to know what makes you a happy bunny!

So.  Basically, tell me what makes you happy. A story, a product, a picture, an anecdote, a makeup look, anything, it doesn't matter what it is,  if it gives you joy, I want to hear about it! There are two ways to enter (and you don't need to be a follower, either):

1) If you have a blog, write a blog post about what makes you happy - please link back to this post - and leave me a comment in the comments section here with a link to it, so I see it!  I'll comment on it so you know I read it! 


2) If you don't have a blog, (or you're just plain shy!) then drop an email to and tell me about your happy things.  I just want to hear about good stuff in time for my big day!

Only entries submitted either in blog posts or emails will be counted, the comments on this post should just be used to give me your links to your entry posts. 

This contest will close at midnight (UK time) on Wednesday 9th June, and I'll announce the winner of the contest on Thursday June 10th (which is actually my birthday, but I want to give someone else a little present on the day!). And yes, it's open to all my international readers too! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

The Fine Print: All prizes in this competition were purchased by myself at various times throughout this year, prizes are brand new, in packaging, and unused. No PRs were harmed/hassled/bothered/asked/approached/emailed or tweeted about this, so they didn't supply anything.  The judge's decision will be final, won't be used in this one.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Uh... giveaways, always a fave!
    And incredible prezzies.

    Is this one open internationally?

    And on another note, thank you for a really good blog, I love reading it, and getting inspiration from you!

  2. Hi Diva, thank you very much!

    Yes, the competition is open internationally, can't believe I forgot to mention it, so I've edited to make it clearer, thanks for mentioning it!

  3. Blogged about it!



    I actually found that quite theraputic to write x x x

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

    i did a blog post

  6. Hello! I've sent you a darling little email! I have a blog but it's too young for such musings!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Love this blog too - have you on my blog list!

    Loretta xxx

  7. Love this contest.

  8. Happy Birthday! Here is a link to my happiness post:

    Great idea for a giveaway :)

  9. Great giveaway, and what a great idea!
    I blogged about it, and really enjoyed writing my post. It's good to stop and think about what makes one happy :)


  10. I love these contests!
    I sent mine via email...

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Hi, I've linked! Hope you feel better soon and have a great birthday x

  12. Hey. I've written a post on what makes me happy x

  13. Sunny days,makeup and my kids.Thank you for a great giveaway,and happy early birthday to you :)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry you are under the weather for now. Hopefully you will be fit and fresh for your birthday. I have linked your giveaway on my blog and also blogged about what makes me happy. Here

  15. Happy early birthday, Louise!

    I linked and posted here:

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway and advance congratulations for the winner =)

  16. Thanks to Elvira for pointing me to your blog - I didn't know about you and am glad now I do - it's great!

    Great timing, I just wrote a post this morning about something that makes me very, very happy, here it is:

    Oh, and happy birthday - I just had a milestone birthday - man did it suck, but it's nothing chocolate can't cure!

    Best, Lisamarie

  17. Thank you. I've linked it to your giveaway :) x

  18. Thanks for holding such a wonderful giveaway, I think this is probably the most fun I've ever had while entering a contest:) My entry is here:

    Thanks again and happy birthday on the 9th! xx

  19. I really really like the way you're doing this giveaway! I love the idea of having the lovely ladies who want to win your giveaway do a fun blog post! So excited. Even if I don't win these incredible products, I'll have fun participating!

    I linked this in my blog post:


  20. I've posted on my blog here:
    Great giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  21. Such a lovely idea, Happy Birthday! I really enjoy reading your reviews-it's taught me a lot :) I hope I can do this for my readers one day.

    Here's my post:

  22. Hi. = )
    Lovely Giveaway.
    Here's the link to my post

    Andreia. xoxo

  23. Hi Louise, amazing giveaway and fantastic idea.

    Heres my entry lovely lady -


  24. Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! And happy birthday!

    Here is my post:

    ^ thank you for inspiring me to write this, it really made me happy <3

  26. Hi louise, thanks for this what a great idea.
    Here is my post

    Happy birthday hun xx

  27. happy almost birthday!!!

    here is my blog entry!

    i had lots of fun writing it!


  28. I loved answering your giveaway question. Happy birthday!!!!

    My blog post is at

  29. Here's my blog

    Hope you enjoy it and happy milestone occassion. Each one is a privelege!

  30. Happy Birthday!!!
    My blog is and the things that make me happy are on my latest post!
    Have a great day!

  31. Big day is less thank 24hrs away! exciting! hope you have a fantactic day and are spoilt rotten xx

  32. I've been thinking about what to write for this for far too long! But here it is...

    Happy birthday, hope you have a fantastic day.

  33. This has been sat in edit whilst I've pondered what to write. Thank goodness you gave me a quick up the bum with your reminder!

    Here is my entry

    I hope you have a very special day,
    Jane x

  34. Happy belated birthday. thanks for organizing this giveaway. had always been a silent reader of your blog.

    my entry is at my blog:

    and ummm... hopefully this it puts a smile to your face..

  35. Hey! Here is a super last post for you to check out! I hope you likey!

    Rebecca x

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