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Sunday 16 May 2010

Favourite Brands?

I get asked a lot what my favourite makeup brand is, and it's such a difficult one to answer!  There are so many brands out there, and they all do something well that picking out just one for praise is almost impossible.  Well, for me it is, anyway.

But, I guess, if I had to pick just one brand that I'd use for the rest of my life, that brand would be Chanel.  Yes, I'd miss my Lancome mascaras and Bobbi Brown tinted moisturising balm - my other desert island items, those - but my collection already contains a lot of Chanel. Foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, pencils, mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, perfumes, bathing potions, nail varnishes ... the list goes on! It's probably my most "complete" collection of products from any brand.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, then you'll know that I went a bit crazy and bought several Rouge Cocos when they were released recently, but I was very happy to realise that I'm not the only person who thinks they are fantastic, alongside a lot of other bloggers, lots of makeup artists have discovered their greatness too.  There are a few videos about the lipsticks floating about, but these are my favourites:

First of all, Peter Phillips talking about the inspirations behind the range, and how it came into being:  (can't figure out how to embed this one, I'm afraid).

This is the utterly fab Mary Greenwell showing three fabulous looks with three different shades:

And finally, this is Lisa Eldridge (who I met and chatted with last Friday, and I'll be telling you more about that later this week), showing how to use one Rouge Coco in four different ways:

Tomorrow I'll bring you some pictures of my favourite limited edition palettes from Chanel which I've picked up over the years, and will be bemoaning the fact that I've used and abused them instead of keeping them pristine and clean ...

What's your favourite brand?  Why?


  1. Great post! I'm definately getting a Rouge Coco in Sari Dore now.

  2. I absolutely have to agree - Chanel cover my foundation, perfumes, nail varnishes, body products, eyeshadows, mascarasm moisturisers to name a few! Love the brand! x

  3. U were one of my inspiration thats why i created my new blog. I love your blog it really helps me pick out whats nyc in the market. Thanx louise. I hope u could go and check it out. it would be an honor ir u could follow my blog as well. thanx so much holly i really look up to you!!

    love, kim

  4. I feel I have missed something as I have never bought Chanel cosmetics (but I wear No.5 for the office). My make up bag has rather a lot of MAC, Clinque (I love the freebies aka Bonus Time), Lancome and No. 7. However, a girlfriend said I was missing out as I had not tried Benefit. Today I bought 6 Benefit products. Next month I feel a Chanel treat may be in order.

  5. Oh god, I can't even pick one. I love Urban Decay for their eye primer, Sugarpill for their bright matte shadows, MAC for their lipsticks, Spell Cosmetics for their incredibly moisturising lipglosses, Morgana Minerals vegan lipsticks, and god knows how many mineral companies for their eyeshadows :D


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