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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Givenchy Parad'eyes

Yes, they really are called that.  Oh well.  These are Givenchy's latest liquid eyeliners, and I have to admit that they are very, very, very pretty:

The long top forms the handle, and the smaller bottom portion contains the liner. I bought two recently, the blue one you can see above, and the nude shade.  I know, nude eyeliner, sounds crazy!   Take a closer look at the brushes:

These formulations are very, very sparkly, and give a just beautiful finish on the skin.  I find them them be very long-lasting, and are slightly more subtle than, say, an Urban Decay Heavy Metals glitter liner. There is a downside however, and I'll get to that after I show you the hand-swatches:

My hand is angled slightly different in the second pic to show that the blue liner is actually lots of blue glitter suspended in a semi-sheer charcoal base.

They apply easily, both of them really needing two passes over the lid to achieve full opacity, but I find that's normal with most liquid liners.  These, however, don't dry down as well as other liquid liners I've tried, staying a little "tacky" on the skin.  It's not really a problem, and these are very beautiful colours - I use the nude shade for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes, blended in with a cotton bud, it really does open the eyes up - but you will be more aware that you're wearing this than you might with a more traditional liner.

Whilst they are sparkly, I have worn both of them to the office before now and not caused a scene, they're very wearable. What do you think of sparkly liners?

Givenchy Parad'eyes liners are available in major department stores and cost around £20.

The Fine Print: I bought these.  My credit card hates me.


  1. "you will be more aware that you're wearing this than you might with a more traditional liner" - does this mean it feels tight or uncomfortable?

  2. Ooh the packaging is so cute!

  3. oh wow! the nude one looks fabulous for the inner corners. You always introduce us to great finds :)

  4. I have the blue version...
    And I have to agree it's really love at first sight but you gotta use this regularly otherwise the product kinda turns weird. My liner doesn't even have a blue pigment on it anymore. :(

  5. I have one of these from the holiday collection. A beautiful shimmery pink that's I love to use on lower or upper lids. They don't stay on for me without smudging, but even then the look is pretty. The smudged sparkles don't look overdone, and the donn't irritate my eyes.

  6. LOVE the look of the pale gold one...


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