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Saturday 17 October 2009

Nail of the Day - Zoya Coco

I don't do these often, as I'm completely cackhanded at applying nail varnish, but I had to post about this colour, I love it so much.  It's a lovely, velvety, chocolatey-purple shade, not too warm, and not too brown. It's a cream finish, with no shimmer or glitter.  It's rather unusual, and reminds me a great deal of the colour of proper, old-fashioned cocoa powder in the tin.

Zoya's varnish is a massive cult in the US, and should really be better known in the UK. Their formulas are  toluene and formaldehyde free (and vegan friendly!),  and though the the varnish itself s a bit thin and runny  (I found it very streaky after one layer) but I was very pleasantly surprised at how rich the colour was after two coats. The above pic is of two coats and is finished with a layer of seche vite top coat.

I got my polish from Organic Pharmacy, but you can buy it online in the UK from Nail Care Club for £9.29 a bottle.

Have just realised the colour matches my blog (nearly!) maybe that's why it was calling to me in the shop ...


  1. Vegan chemical lite nail varnish? Blimey. If I did nail varnish I'd be tempted. Good to know it exists.

  2. This colour is so pretty. It would look great too under a matte top coat. I don't usually do pink but this one is funky enough where I would happily sport it.

  3. Oh, you're right, it would look wonderful with a matte topcoat! I wonder where I can get my mitts on such a thing?

  4. LOVE this color!


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