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Thursday 1 October 2009

Dr Bronner

Alongside roses as a favourite scent, I adore the smell of peppermint, so upon stumbling across a display of Dr Bronner's "magic soap" in the shop nearest my office, my choice of which one to pick was actually pretty easy!

Dr Bronner's soap is vegan, organic, packed with essential oils and it's a fairtrade product too. Simply put, it couldn't tick any more trendy and/or politically correct boxes if it wanted to. However, although the fairtrade certification is new, the soap has been produced in more or less the same way it has been since the company was founded in 1948.

It's available in a liquid or bar form, but I prefer the heft of a decent bar of soap sometimes - that, and I'm currently over-run with bottles of shower gel for some unknown reason - so I decided to try a bar of the peppermint and see what I made of it.

It has a gloriously cool scent, with none of the sugary tones you get in some of the more recent minty products that have been released. Some of them make you smell like a packet of Softmints for some reason. Anyway, it lathers beautifully, and doesn't leave the skin taut or dry at all after using.  The scent, sadly, doesn't linger long on the skin, but that's likely not a bad thing, as it means any perfumes you apply later are less likely to clash.

Dr Bronner say you can use the soaps in around 18 different ways, including as a shampoo, as a laundry soap, and even as a toothpaste! I wouldn't go that far, but I did use the lather as a shaving cream and was delighted with the smooth and silky results! And no scaliness afterward, either.

I really liked it, I'd been put off the product slightly by reading some of the more, er, evangelical reviews about the product that are out there, but as a cheap bathroom treat (my bar cost about £2.79), it's a difficult one to beat.  And any soap that doesn't give me scaly shins after shaving them in the shower is a winner in my book.  I was also sorely tempted by the rose, or lavender, or the almond (smells just like marzipan!) varieties, and I think I might have to invest in a couple of those ones too ...


  1. I have been fighting the urge to buy some of these ever since I found them on eBay! Argh, you're making it very hard to resist. Is the shop you bought them in a chain? I'm in London next weekend for shopping woo!

  2. I bought them in Whole Foods Market, but I think a few health food shops and so on have them.

    Shopping, woo! Where in town will you be?

  3. I use the liquid ones. The rose and almond ones make great shampoo/showergel too. I AM A DR BRONNER EVANGELIST! Never wash your hair with anything else ever again.

    I have untreated very short hair, it might not work for anyone with more hair, I suppose.

  4. Hmmm I wonder if Holland & Barratts might have them then? Sometimes my internet shopping blinkers are too restrictive!

    I'm bringing my S-I-L and Cousin up for the Aussie pampering evening. They're more into clothes *yawn* than makeup so I expect we'll be on Oxford street mostly. I'll scream and scream ('till I make myself sick) if I don't get to go back to Charles Fox though.

  5. Well, if you can't get hold of any, lemme know, I'll pick you a couple up.


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