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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lipstick haul

Last week, I may have gone a bit crazy buying lipsticks ... I really shouldn't buy any lipsticks whatsoever, the collection I have already numbers three figures as it is.  I went through my handbag the other day and realised there were 12 lip products in there: 8 lipsticks (including the five you see below), three glosses and a balm.  I guess you could say I'm a lip product junkie, but this is excessive,  even for me.

Here's are my latest haul (with flash):

Left to right we have Ruby & Millie lipsticks in Orange 360c, Nude 840m and Brown 910p  (all a snip at £2.75 each from Boots at the moment!).  I think I may have been having a brainstorm when I bought them though, as I appear to have picked up two of the brown, so look out for the spare in a giveaway soon! Then there are two L'Oreal Studio Secrets lipsticks in 411 and 460, as I'm still on my quest to find the perfect nude lip, after the GOSH disaster of the week before.

Here's how they swatched on my skin (without flash)

The 411 is slightly too pink for my lips, and the 460 is slightly too brown for a proper nude, but I'm planning on mixing these together in a palette, as I love the colour I get from using a mixture of both the colours.  Lip of the Day posts will follow every day from Monday, as I fully intend to wear each of these to work this week ... I'm really looking forward to seeing if anyone will comment on the orange, I think it's a fantastic colour!

How many lipsticks do you  have around at any one time?

Makeover Sunday will actually be Makeover Monday this week, I'm very sorry ... 


  1. I love the love of the 910p. Might have to pop myself to boots, well... I actually should just live in that place.. Im always there haha.

    Jo.. xx

  2. There was a fantastic electric pink that I picked up too, but it was just too blue for my face, so I gave it to my housemate instead.

    Trying to brighten up my make up these days, I think the 910c is a great start ... ;)

  3. I usually purposefully carry 2 lippies - one for day and one for night (just incase I ever need a post-work swally)... however in my bag by the end of the week I usually end up with a stash of 5ish.

    9 is impressive...haha!x

  4. I've usually got my faithful old Juicy Tubes lip gloss and a Benefit browny pink to make my lips less mean-looking if need be...

  5. Really like the look of the L'oreal 411... what's the formula like on that one?

    I've just been on a lipstick buying kick - I usually get obsessed by a particular lippie only to drop it a week or 2 later... then rediscover it a month down the line (and so on...)

  6. @LLT I haven't heard the phrase "swally"

    @LG It's actually pretty full coverage, but it's not as pale as the nudes you normally like, LG!

    Sarah, you do not have mean lips, they're beautifully shaped!

  7. You calling me concealer lips? You looking for a fight? Put 'em up!

  8. Swally = Glaswegian for having a drink... a wee swally... might extend into a wee swallaaaaaaaaay. ;)

  9. Nowt wrong wi' a wee swally now and agin!


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