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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Makeover: Sarah

I love doing makeovers, I love seeing the transformation you can make in someone's deportment and demeanour just by giving them a little colour, even with a relatively simple transformation like this week's:

Meet Sarah:

Sarah's gorgeous.  I love her cheeky freckles, and she has beautiful grey-blue eyes.  Talking to Sarah before her makeover, she wanted a quick, simple, easy, and above all GLAM look from her makeover today.  Always happy to oblige, this is what we created.

First off, creating the base.  Sarah is worried about patches of uneven colouration, so we used her MAC foundation, and applied it with a sponge, using a rolling motion evenly all over her face, then followed with a light layer of MAC Blot to set it.  Sarah had wanted to cover up her freckles completely, but I suggested that we leave them showing as they're a) very attractive and b) very difficult to cover up without turning your face into one big freckle!

I wanted to play up the colours in Sarah's skintone, and accentuate her eyes, so I thought a golden peach shade was in order.  I used Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Gabbi, and applied that all over her lids. In the centre of each lid,  I used a small amount of golden shimmer powder just to accentuate the colour, and add a little highlight. :

Then, I added a small touch of dark navy liner, just to further accentuate her eyes:

I smudged that out a little, and added the finishing touches.  Blush (MAC Mocha)

And a little lipgloss (MAC Strobe)

And here's the finished look:

So there you go, quick, simple, and hopefully, GLAM!



  1. Yep, that's glam! Great colours for Sarah. Strobe as gloss? Who'd'a thunk it?

  2. You can't be gorgeous with a mean little mouth, but you certainly made me look lovely. Little told me that I looked very pretty...

  3. Ach, whisht, you! You have beautifully shaped lips! I'm very glad I got the Little seal of approval!

    Donna, it's actually a Strobe Lipgloss I've forgotten the name of, I'll see if I can dig it up again.

  4. I love it - she looks great!

    And as a fellow freckle haver, I say, never cover 'em up! Embrace the freckles! (My mum used to tell me they're 'kisses from the sun'!)

    Keep up the great work!

  5. "Kisses from the sun"! How lovely! I shall have to remember that next time I'm cursing my own freckles ...

  6. I have a face and body full of freckles and more often than not i cover mine. The best foundation for this is Illamasqua rich foundation although recently I have been using a more sheer base in a bid to get to know my freckly face!!


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