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Thursday 29 October 2009

And now for something entirely different ...

I have some male readers, it appears.  Hello boys!

And Neville ;)

Here, for your gentlemanly delight and delectation, is a makeover featuring a gent man.  Boys can wear make up too, I'm currently trying to convince MrLippie to try guyliner, with no success, alas.

Anyway, meet "M":

He's not bad, but look at that wistful look on his face.  He knows what he's missing: makeup. Yes, makeup. You can see it in his eyes, this guy needs  ....

A couple of passes with the blusher brush, some eyeshadow, and a touch of eyeliner.  Oh yes.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. He looks like Charlie Brooker! How could you?

  2. LOL, I was hoping for an Emo look ;)

    Does he know you did this? :D

  3. He does NOT look like Charlie Brooker, sheesh! James Martin on acid, possibly.

    He knows I was planning *something*, bless him. I'm going to get The Look tomorrow, I can tell.

  4. I'm impressed! My bf won't even put product in his hair! I keep doing "surprise attacks" on him with some argan oil for where he fell off his bike and stopped the street with his head. Hopeless!!!!


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