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Sunday, 11 October 2009


So, Gok Wan has launched his first body-care range at Boots.   In all honesty, I'm not sure what to make of this, it promises "sassy and seductive" products to make all women feel "gorgeous". Gok says "I feel passionate about my girls and believe you deserve to feel fabulous, no matter how much time you have or whatever your budget is".

Now, I loved the first series of "How to Look Good Naked", I thought that what Gok was setting out to do was admirable, and he did it with such warmth and humour it was practically impossible - not to say churlish - to attempt any criticism of what he was doing.  Women do give themselves a hard time over how they look, holding themselves up to impossible standards, and always, but always finding themselves, and their bodies, wanting.

But ...

I'm finding his decision to launch this range in the wake of his TV series "Miss Naked Beauty" very ... odd. In that show, it required women to remove - and decry - their cosmetic accoutrements, and personally, I found his requirements of what could, and could not be considered beautiful in the context of the series just as prescriptive - and proscriptive - as any "normal" beauty contest.  To be honest, I found it more than a little offensive at times.

So, can you buy "gorgeous"?  Or does beauty come from within?  What's the answer?  I don't know, but I'm not sure a "sassy" body lotion is it ... what do you think?



  1. Hey Louise,

    I was interested in this launch too, because I love what Gok did/does in his shows. I have to say I have reservations about this range, but not on any basis of principle - simply because the packaging really doesn't appeal to my tastes. I don't think products like these are a compromise - they're just personal hygiene items in a "luxury" format. Enhance, rather than disguise, is the brand identity I'm picking up from these.

  2. I agree with Get Lippie on this one. I was not a fan of the 'miss natural beauty'programme because it was yet another opportunity for producers/tv channels to profit from womens insecurity and make it worse by making them compete yet again for something that is bloody irrelevant. With that particular disdain for Gok in mind, I view the beauty range as him taking an opportunity to make a profit from womens insecurity. The packaging is shite as well. An all round no thanks from me, Gok.


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