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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Laura Mercier Lipliner in Plumberry


I'm not much of a one for lipliner, and I am definitely not much of a one for matching my lipliner to my lipstick, I much prefer to match my liner to my lips, after all, you're not supposed to see lipliner anyway, are you?  My lips are a pale rosy mauve naturally, but I do have a fairly strongly pigmented natural lipline (particularly on the top lip), which is just one of the reasons too pale or too sheer lipsticks aren't for me:

Plumberry Lip Pencil is, for me, a nude colour, being a slightly greyed pink/plum shade.

The pencil is slightly dry, so it is best to apply after using lip balm, but this does mean it provides a good, slightly grippy surface for applying lipstick over, particularly lipsticks with a very sheer slippery texture - it's good with YSL Rouge Couture, for example, a lipstick I can't stand wearing alone, because I swear the only thing that lipstick wants to do is COVER YOUR ENTIRE FACE, but I digress - but this will help with any lipsticks that have ideas above their station.

It does spread easily, and the point doesn't wear down too quickly, but it gives excellent coverage, and evens out lips beautifully:

I only wear lipliner once or twice a week at most, but regardless of the lip colour I'm wearing, this is the lipliner I reach for.  If I'm feeling lazy, I can just throw a bit of sheer gloss over the top, and hey presto, "nude" lips.

Laura Mercier Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil in Plumberry is available nationwide and costs £18.50.  It comes complete with a sharpener too.

The Fine Print: Purchase.

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  1. OMG. you are the only blogger I've seen who has a) reviewed this lipliner and b) has the same lip colour as me! I use this, and have done for years, and I also have the same colour lips as you. I agree - it's a perfect nude and I too sometimes wear it with gloss - but it doesn't 'brighten' me. I have a question - I saw your Charlotte Tilbury review on Walk of Shame - I'm considering it - is it brown at all on you, or is it more brick-y? Have you tried any of the others? I tried Super Cindy and it was so totally the wrong shade. I'm considering Secret Salma, Walk of shame, Amazing Grace. Anyway - are you still liking Walk of Shame? (I'm a lot older than the usual blog reader, I suspect... ;) 40+ ) Thanks. :)


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