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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Makeup Forever - Artist Plexi Gloss 102p, 406 and 209

I do love a lipgloss.  I don't wear them nearly as often as I used to because very often they don't allow a proper slick of colour, and they don't last anywhere near long enough on the lips.  However when MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss unexpectedly popped through my letter box, I was really happy  because these are pigmented and they are properly colourful!

This is 102p Sweet Beige, 406 Burgundy and 209 Fuchsia, and you can see that 406 and 209 are simply packed with pigment, which makes them a delight.  102p is practically a clear gloss on my skin (and on my lips, as you'll see a bit later), but it has a lovely shimmer and will make a great layering gloss.  The other two are pigmented enough to wear alone.  You can see that 406 Burgundy which looks, frankly, terrifying in the tube is actually quite a wearable berry in the swatch.

The glosses have a flexible paddle applicator, with a tiny v-shaped notch that allows for greater ease of application - don't ask me why it works, but it does. I am too thick to have figured out how or why though, so I'm going to guess at: physics.  No!  Aerodynamics!  No! Ergonomics!  God, I just don't know - so it's actually quite easy to get a precise application on the lips, even with the most opaque colours in the range.

Top to bottom: my bare lips, 102p, 209 and 406

 As you can see 102p Sweet Beige just adds a hint  of milky peach to my lips - which isn't a look I particularly enjoy wearing myself, but it's lovely on others - 209 is a deeply opaque blued fuchsia and 406 is a sheer and surprisingly wearable (but not unpigmented) berry in wear.

Yes, they are a little sticky, but this is part of what keeps the glosses lasting several hours instead of several minutes.  I haven't noticed any particularly discernible flavour.   Overall, if you love a glossy look but don't love wishy washy glosses with no staying power (like me), then these are a good option.  Mine came from PAM in West London, which has long been the best place to get MUFE products.  Their online swatches are a bit ... unrealistic though, so do a little research into the individual shades before buying - there are 35 of them, so there will definitely be something to suit!

The Fine Print: PR Sample

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