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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Beige

A concealer so good even my bathroom clock is smiling ...
I don't really use concealer. There.  I said it.  I'm really lucky in that I don't get zits very often any more, and that was all I ever really used to use concealer for in the past.  In the last couple of years, however, sleep issues alongside ongoing health and stress issues mean that I do need just a little extra help in the mornings in the eye area.  I don't particularly have bad bags or circles, but I am a little more hollow in that area than  I used to be, and so a convert to concealer I have had to become, as a result.  Once in a while, anyway.

I've tried hundreds.  Thick ones, thin ones, brush ones, pot ones, pencil ones, highlighting ones ... you get the picture, and they either look totally unnatural (I'm trying to avoid the reverse panda, thanks), or they settle into dehydration lines throughout the day, or they simply don't do anything.  GAH.  The ones I hate most are the ones that look fantastic for five minutes and then the second you leave the house, they suck all the moisture from under your eyes and make you look one hundred years older than you actually are.  I am naming no names, but I HATE them.  Anyway, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Beige fell into my sticky little dehydrated paws last year and it has been the only concealer I've used from that day to this.

It has an incredibly light, incredibly spreadable texture, and you need, literally, about a pinheads worth (if that) to cover both undereye areas. But you will need a brush - don't even dream about using your fingers with this one, you will apply far too much.  I shake the tube well, then just dip my brush into the concealer you can see on the mouth of the tube there (or into the dot inside the lid, if there is nothing in the mouth of the tube) once, dot that under one eye, then dip my brush back onto the tube (or lid), dot over the other eye, then blend over the area I'm trying to cover.  You can actually see the brush marks where I've done this previously on the neck of the tube there.

Here you can see it swatched and blended (to the right of the swatch) on my skin, it's a little yellower than my hand, but my hands are both paler and cooler than my face for some reason, so this is actually a really good match for my skin tone.

I find it needs setting with powder (I use Hourglass Ambient Light in Diffused), as it can retain quite a slippery texture for a while after application, but I have never found that it settles into lines or cakes.  And for me, that is perfect.  I've had some conversations on Instagram about it which suggest my experience isn't universal - and I repeat, less is more with this product - but overall, I couldn't be happier with it.

There isn't a huge amount in the tube, admittedly, around 6ml, but you need to use so little, it isn't an issue.  I've never even squeezed the tube, apart from when I took these photos!  That tiny drop you see in one of the above pics would be enough for my to conceal my eyes for a fortnight ... Amazing Cosmetics amazing Amazing Concealer is available from M&S Beauty for £19.50.  I think a tiny tube would last at least a year, it'll probably last me two ...

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have had the Amazing Concealer for a while and had been using it to conceal blemishes, putting it on with my finger and thinking, huh, not much amazing about this. After reading your post this morning I tried your technique and it looked great. I'm even more impressed now I've come home tonight and my undereye area still looks smooth and concealed. Love it! I can't believe how little is needed to make a huge difference. I set mine with a dusting of ByTerry Hyaluronic powder and it hasn't budged or settled into my lines.


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