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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Fragrances with Elie Saab, Diptyque and DKNY

If you've been following my travails over on The Parosmia Diaries, then you'll know this post is a bit of a breakthrough - perfume reviews have necessarily been thin on the ground for Get Lippie over the last twelve months, but I think I have finally recovered enough of my sense of smell to offer at least a brief overview of some lovely fragrances that have crossed my radar over the last month or two.  So, as we swing into spring (at last!) here's my pick of the best warm fragrances to celebrate the passing of winter:

Elie Saab Resort Collection:

I love orange blossom, and orange blossom is the signature note of the entire Elie Saab range, which is an incredibly lovely, sheer and diaphanous range in the main.  Resort Collection, as well as being housed in one of the loveliest bottles this beauty blogger has in her entire collection, is a gloriously blossom-y scent, replete with fig, jasmine and frangipani.  To my nose it smells like sunbathing whilst wearing expensive suncream under orange trees in the spring.  Very lovely indeed.

Diptyque Florabellio

A powdery apple-blossom floral, with an intriguingly salty top note, and a slightly dark dry-down, this EDT is fresh without being too bright, soft and gentle and overall rather cheerful to wear.  It's a little more ladylike than I would normally wear - in fact, if this had been released this month instead of waiting till May to be on shelves, I'd have suggested it would be a fabulous Mothers Day present - it's delightful.

DKNY Delicious Delights

And speaking of delightful, DKNY have brought out their Delicious Delights range, which is a limited edition extension of the apple-themed Be Delicious range.  There are three scents, Cool Swirl, Dreamsicle, and Fruity Rooty.

All are fun, fruity and fresh.  Cool Swirl (green) has blueberry, violet leaf and coconut, Dreamsicle (orange - my favourite) has elements of orange, mandarin and raspberry, and Fruity Rooty (pink) has blackberry with hints of rose.  They are rather on the sweet side, which my new nose seems to appreciate, but they are also flirty and nice to wear.

So, there you go, not as in-depth as usual, but I'm hoping my nose will continue to improve so my reviews can too!  Happy Spring, peeps!

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