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Thursday 19 March 2015

Josh Wood Blending Wand - Dark Brown

It's hard work being a brunette sometimes.  Well, if you're a brunette over the age of 35 or so, it is, anyway.  Yes, I'm talking about greying.  I have been going grey since I was 18, actually, and it has ever been a pain in the backside.  I'm incredibly lucky in that my hair colourist (Jack Howard, currently at Paul Edmonds) is a genius, but he's an incredibly busy one, and I don't get to see him as often as I'd like these days, so, in between visits I have to cover up my roots myself.  It's fun!*

I've written before about Colour Wow, which takes literally seconds to use, and I really like it, but I do also use the Josh Wood Blending Wand in dark brown for when I need a slightly longer-term solution.  The blending wands contain a weak hair dye which actually works as a stain on the white hair, and this blends your greys in almost seamlessly

To use, you "paint" your white roots with the applicator after shampooing (whilst your hair is still wet) then dry and style as usual, there's no need to rinse, or mess about with different processes, you literally paint it on and dry your hair.  I find the brush is a little fiddly, and prone to falling off in my thick and wiry hair, but in those circumstances, I tend to just apply direct from the bottle and rub it into the roots with my fingertips.  You will need to wash your hands pretty thoroughly afterwards though!

Ostensibly, the stain will last through a wash or two, as it is NOT a permanent dye,  but I have found that it will fade hugely after the first wash, needing a second application, but I've never tried to use it more than three shampoos in a row. However, I do have to admit that it did leave me with PINK roots after the first wash the first time I used it, but I rather liked the effect actually ... your mileage might vary though!  My roots haven't been pink since, but the fading effect is intense.

I've used this once or twice a month for the last six months or so, and there is still plenty left in the tube, so for £12.50 this is a bit of a bargain, albeit one that comes with considerable caveats.  You can find Josh Wood Blending Wands in the beauty sections of larger Marks & Spencer stores.

How big a problem are roots for you?

*For a given value of "fun", admittedly

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  1. I should probably get a proper product to deal with my greys. I sometimes find myself on set covering up individual grey hairs with black mascara...
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