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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Zelens Lip Enhancer and Lip Glaze in Rouge and Nude

I make no bones about my love of Zelens products. The fact is, expensive as they are, I've rarely been disappointed with anything I've tried from the range, and I was super-excited when I discovered Dr Lens was releasing makeup to go alongside his skincare range.  I've mentioned the foundation in passing before, but today I want to concentrate on the lip products.

Here we have two lipglazes, in Rouge (red) and "Nude", and the Lip Enhancer, which is essentially a lip balm with a PH sensitive pigment that reacts to the acidity in your skin to create your "ideal" lip colour.

But the Lip Glazes are what I really want to talk about (the Lip Enhancer is a bit of a gimmick to be honest, and I don't think it's worth £32 of your money for the same fluorescent pink lips you get from every other PH-sensitive "ideal" lip colour on the market, but it's a nice balm that aside) for they are fabulous.

Yes, they are a little on the sticky side, but what you have here is incredibly nourishing, cushiony colour product.  Handy for just chucking on in a hurry, not needing a precise application, I've even used them as a treatment on sore lips, and I've found that they are nothing short of magical on dry, peeling lips.  There is no scent to speak of, which is a relief.  They last about as long as you'd expect a lipgloss to, but the hydrating and conditioning properties last much longer than the colour does, which is lovely.  They feel more like a treatment than a gloss, and as such, they're gorgeous.  They're currently challenging Chantecaille as my all-time favourite formula of all-time ... which is saying something!

On the lips, the colour is sheer, but not unpigmented, here are my bare lips for comparison:

And here they are with Nude:

And with Rouge:

And finally with Lip Perfector:

Normally, Lip Perfector goes incredibly fuchsia on me, but this was after an hour of swatching 14 lip colours so I think my lips were too knackered to make it work properly on me today.

Rouge is a lovely bright and sheer red, which I love for simple look with a sweep of graphic liquid liner, and I pair nude (an unusual choice of colour at all for me, but the mix of mauve, taupe and a hint of purple in the tube makes it an easier wear for me than the usual beige/caramel "nudes") with a smokier eye look. Lip Enhancer I wear on the days I can't be bothered with makeup at all ...  I'm a big fan of the Lip Glazes, loving their emollient and soothing properties, and the colours are pretty and flattering, I can't recommend them highly enough.  The Lip Enhancer is a lovely balm with a gimmicky colour, so buy it if you like that kind of thing, but unlike the Lip Glazes, it's not quite as much of an essential.

Lip Glazes are £29 each, and are available from SpaceNK.  Lip Perfector is £32.

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