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Tuesday 17 March 2015

An introduction to Tweezerman

Think of Tweezerman, and you think of tweezers.  Well, I do.  Just tweezers.  Well, it's sort of in the name really, isn't it?  You can imagine my delight, however, when Tweezerman recently sent me a parcel containing all kinds of goodies, and I was surprised, not to mention delighted, at just how extensive their range goes.  Basically, anything you need for your eyebrows and nails. Tweezerman has probably got it covered ...

 Fingernail and toenail clippers - I did actually knew they did these, but thought they were too expensive, but I simply hadn't realised how much better they are than the £1.50 jobbies I routinely buy and then immediately blunt with the toenails of doom, so suffice it to say, no more own-brand clippers in the Lippie Household for a while -  cuticle pushers and colourful nail-files galore.  I have to say that I am terrified of the gorgeously designed purple springy cuticle clippers though!  Being a bit of a cack-handed muppet, I fear possibly cutting a finger off ... Oh there's a blending/glossing block in the range too, which (being a muppet), I was too stupid to photograph ...

 But eyebrows and, to a lesser extent, eyelashes are Tweezerman's raison d'etre, and it shows.  From rose-gold plated eyelash curlers, to the classic slanted and pointed tweezers (of which I already own several pairs of each in various sizes, there isn't a makeup bag in my house without a pair of tweezermans in there, frankly), there are also eyelash combs and spoolies (which is the mascara-brush thingy up there).

But the best discovery for me, without doubt, has been the eyebrow scissors.  I had no idea you could buy these, and I've long known that the best part of any professional eyebrow shape has been the trimming of my long - my eyebrows grow long and thick and luxuriant - LONG eyebrow hairs.  Have you ever tried trimming your eyebrows with nail scissors?  I have.  Please don't be like me - it does not work!   I am rubbish at plucking my own eyebrows, depending on professionals for shaping, but still needing maintenance at home, I've found that by simply trimming the longest offenders I can look groomed in seconds without plucking at all.

Any surprising discoveries for you, here? You can buy any and all of these items from BeautyBay, who have an extensive collection of Tweezerman products, including a couple not shown here ....

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  1. The rose gold eyelash curlers look awesome! I didn't even know they did curlers! :-)

  2. Okay I need those scissors! Luxuriant brows here too ;) xxx


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