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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Sjal Saphir Concentrate Review

A tiny blue bottle of calm, this is.  I haven't tried too many Sjal products up to now, (though I have mentioned this one before, actually), but I'm aware that 30mls of product for £125 is a big investment for almost anyone, so I thought it needed a more in-depth review. 

Sjal describe this product as: "a powerful, modern face treatment oil with an artisanal blend of rare essential oils and supra-3ä, a proprietary anti-aging bioactive complex designed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, plump and revitalize skin. This ‘liquid silk’ weightless oil is infused with Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine known to facilitate clarity, calming and balance."

It's a dry oil texture, which is very light, and sinks in very quickly, it never feels greasy, and your skin doesn't feel overloaded in use.  I use it in my nighttime routine, as a serum under a balm, but if your skin isn't as dehydrated as mine is at the moment, you could probably skip a moisturiser as well.

As regular readers might remember, my skin is sensitive, and reddened, even at the best of times, and, after my recent bout of multiple hospitalisations and medical procedures, it's been rather dehydrated, and feeling rather rough as a result too. I've found this oil to have a cooling and calming, and most of all, hydrating effect on my skin.  It has a light citrus fragrance, but this disperses quite quickly, and doesn't linger on the skin.

I find that using this as a night treatment has really calmed down my redness, and it's given my skin a new lease of life, with a better, clearer, more refreshed and even tone, which is fabulous.  If you're under 35 or so, then you really do not need this, but if you're over 35, and feeling a bit run-down, this has worked marvels for my skin.

A simplified list of the ingredients is:

Camellia Oil,
Capric triglyceride (a fatty acid derived from coconut)
Grape seed oil
Meadowfoam seed oil
Macademia oil
Bitter orange oil
Jasmine oil
Sweet orange oil
Lavender oil
Clary Sage oil
Evening Primrose oil
Cotton seed oil
Linseed oil
Camomile oil
Rosemary extract
Sunflower oil
Bidens Pilosa extract (a plant commonly known as "cobblers pegs")
Alaria Esculenta (a kind of seaweed)
Palm oil
Tocopherol (a form of vitamin e)

I'm a little unhappy to see palm oil on the list (but at least it is way down the list), but this is a nice light formula, without mineral oil, without pthalates and parabens, that feels nourishing and light on the skin.

You can buy Sjal Saphir Concentrate from BeautyWorksWest for £125.
The Fine Print: PR Sample, which I'm planning to eke out for as long as possible ... 
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  1. Hi Louise. I would love to know what kind of redness you had. I have ruddy, blotchy redness that goes almost down to my jaw - sounds lovely, I know! Do you think this would work for me? I'd gladly pay £125 to get rid of it! Thanks :)


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