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Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Charitable Christmas List

This time last year, I wrote a heartfelt post about homelessness and, and how Give as You Live are helping charities by enabling you to do your Christmas shopping quickly, easily, and allowing you to donate to the charities of your choice at no extra cost to you.

Well, it's time to remind you of Give As You Live once again,  and talk to you about the charity I've chosen to support this year.  In a nutshell, Give As You Live collects money from retailers to donate to a charity of your choice, at no cost to you.  You can either shop through the Give As You Live website, or through their toolbar, which you can download to your desktop, and use through your browser.  You select your chosen charity, and shop away to your heart's content.  The full cost of the charitable donation is borne by the retailer, which include brands such as Amazon, Debenhams, Liberty, and hundreds more besides! 

Both the website and the toolbar act as price comparison tools too, so you can actually save yourself some money, and do some good for charity too!  Give As You Live have already donated more than £3 million pounds to charities in the last year and a bit, which is amazing, but there's room for more.

This year, the charity I'm supporting though Give As You Live is Diabetes UK.  In the interests of disclosure and transparency, I should let you know that I work for the organisation (I look after the accounts for several different sections of the charity).  However, this isn't why I've chosen them this year.  What I didn't realise before I started working for Diabetes UK is that diabetes used to be a death sentence. Even now, when medical research is such that we can control the condition a lot more easily than we used to, diabetes is still an incredibly serious, and incurable, condition.  10% of the entire NHS budget goes towards dealing with diabetes, and it's complications -which include amputations, blindness and kidney problems - and that is an astonishingly high figure.   

I'm choosing Diabetes UK because, in the short time I've been there, I've come to understand the value of what they do to support the lives of people with diabetes, and I hope that, if one day my life is touched by the condition - I'm a prime candidate being short and fat and rather elderly,  though I'm hoping the diet I've been on in the last six months will help lessen my risk - they'll be around to help me too. I already know they'd help anyone who is a current sufferer, and their families.

Anyhoo,Give As You Live and I have put together a little gift list of things that have caught my eye over the last 12 months, and, if you decide to buy any of them through the links on this page then a donation will be made to Diabetes UK.  No pressure though, if you want to donate to anyone else, feel free! 

A brilliant and beautiful pink, which will raise £0.11p for charity with Give as you Live

Heaven for your feet.  The pair I bought last year haven't been off my tootsies since they arrived. Raises £2.37 for charity with Give as you Live

Ten of the most popular nail varnish shades from one of the most popular nail varnish companies around. Raises £0.28p for charity with Give as you Live

Simply the best tinted moisturiser I've ever tried. It will raise £1.42 for charity with Give as you Live.
I'm in love with Zelens this year.  They haven't - yet - knocked my adoration of Kate Somerville off it's perch, but as KS has just been discontinued in the UK, and Zelens are still here, it's only a matter of time. Raises £2.55 for your charity with Give as you Live.

The most popular foundation in the UK, and the most popular foundation currently in my flat.  Make someone's day and buy them one now. Raises £0.82 for your charity with Give as you Live.

A witty and well-written introductory guide to fragrance by the writer of  I love my copy, and have been begging MrLippie to read it for weeks so he stops describing everything as "orangey" or "flowers". Raises £0.16 for your charity with Give as you Live.

The original, and still the best lipstick/balm hybrid, in the twist-up pencil.  Lovely stuff.   Get one for your lipstick-phobic best friend now. Raises £0.64 for your charity with Give as you Live.

Everyone needs a bit of Tom Ford in their makeup bag, and this is my favourite palette out of the four I have, it's probably the most versatile, too. Raises £2.48 for your charity with Give as you Live.
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  1. What a fantastic post I love that you have found a way to suggest beauty themed gifts whilst promoting charity. As someone who works in charity and loves beauty this is great to see I will be using this scheme. x

  2. So glad to read this post, I use Give As You Live and it's a fantastic website.

    Roxie x

  3. This post is a great idea, good job! ;)

  4. This post is a great idea, good job! ;)

  5. Great post!!!x

  6. Wow, love those UGG trainers. Are they quite wide fitting? I have fat feet :(

  7. This is amazing! I always feel a bit like crap when I buy beauty products because it seems so self indulgent to me. I tend to think of the people out there who need money and food a lot more than I need makeup, and I'm glad to hear that there is a way to amend this. I will look into this Give as You Live organization, and I'm so thankful that you've brought it to the attention of me and your other readers. Seriously, thank you! xx


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