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Monday 19 November 2012

Frontcover Desk to Date Palette

Sadly no longer available in  Boots, Frontcover are now available exclusively online, and they're also now internationally available from Sephora, which is all kinds of aces.  Famous for their kits which provide a variety of looks - and the instructions of how to get them, Frontcover is an excellent independent British brand that deserves a bit more recognition.  They've just released their collection of kits for Christmas, and I've been trialling the Desk to Date kit, which is an eyeshadow-only kit.

Desk to Date contains eighteen eyeshadows, ten of which are highly iridescent baked formulas, just packed with pearl and colour.  The remaining eight are neutrals, in a semi-matte formula.  There are also two high-quality (and I don't say that lightly) double ended applicators, which is handy.

The baked shades (Date) are vibrant, and well-pigmented, and rather creamy on application.  Unusually for a baked formula, the shades apply well even without a primer, and are less patchy than I expected.  They are exceptionally shimmery though, so if you're a fan of the gleam, these will be perfect for you:

Applied over a primer, the shades are more vibrant.  My favourite of these is the silver, and I admit to being just a touch disappointed with the lilac above it, but overall, I've been more impressed with these than I thought I would be.

The shades in the base are far more neutral, with just the barest hint of shimmer - there are two shades suitable for lining (a dark brown and a deep charcoal), but the rest will allow you to create either a lovely nude look, or an office suitable look in shades of taupe:

Again, the shadows are fairly creamy, and blend well on the skin even without a primer - the shades in the paler colours do tend to err on the warmer side though, I have to say, but they're all very lovely.

Overall, I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality of this palette, the eyeshadows are well pigmented, the brush applicators are surprisingly good, and there's a nice, big mirror in the lid.  What you don't get in this palette, which you do in some of the other kits, is step by step instructions on how to create a variety of looks, personally, I don't see that as a disadvantage, but I'm aware that some people might.  Another thing I like about this kit is that it's made of plastic, rather then the more usual cardboard, which makes it a bit more durable than some of the other Frontcover kits I've come across in the past.

All in all, for just £16, I think that the Desk to Date palette is a winner.  What say you?  

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  1. Taking into account what you just said about the quality of these shadows and their price, I'd say there's a chance of me buying this kit!

  2. Thank goodness I found your blog! I love fashion, style and interior deco but am hopeless when it comes to make up. Looking forward to learning some great tips. Kate xo


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