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Thursday 8 November 2012

FashionistA Secret Gel Eyeliner in Under the Radar

I don't get all that excited about drugstore makeup, it's trueI've been accused of being a makeup snob many times, and, to a certain extent, I'd agree.  Whilst it's not entirely true that you get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetics, after several years writing this blog, I do firmly believe that what you do pay for when it comes to expensive cosmetics is better research and product development, and - in the main- slightly better ingredients.  

However, this doesn't mean that I only have a makeup bag full of Tom Ford and la Prairie, what I mainly believe in is value for money, and that means I like to get my money's worth out of my products, whatever their price point.   Take, for example, this little pot of eyeliner that I bought because I fell in love with the colour.  It's a taupe, as some people might have noticed, and it's long been noticeable that I can't resist a taupe ... 

FashionistA Secret Gel Eyeliner in Under the Radar costs £6, it's a massive pot of product, and should last practically forever, it comes with a built in brush, and is rather creamy, and easy to apply.

However, as an eyeliner, I'm a little underwhelmed, it's a little underpowered in the pigment department, and takes several layers to build up into something visible, which can lead to it caking somewhat, which then leads to flaking.

 But, it is such a beautiful colour, a grey/silver/taupe shade, with a myriad of other shades visible in the mix too, so I was determined to make this work for me, so I've been using it as an eyeshadow base, and here's where is works magnificently.  It's creamy so it spreads well, and you can blend eyeshadows over it beautifully.  It's not as "grabby" as a traditional silicone-based eyeshadow base (or primer), and, of course, it imparts a beautiful colour to the lids too.  It doesn't dry the lids out (so may not work to well if you have oily eyelids, however), and it lasts incredibly well, getting about eight hours wear before there's a sign of creasing. I've been using it as a basis for a taupe smokey eye for the last week, and I've fallen in love with this product as a result.

So, as an eyeliner, I'd have to say that cheap though this product is, it's simply not worth the money, however, as an eyeshadow primer, that £6 could be the best £6 you've ever spent ...       

The Fine Print: A purchase.
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