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Thursday 1 November 2012

Art Deco Dita's Classics

After being genuinely hugely impressed with several of the lipsticks from the Art Deco Dita's Classics collection, I thought it was only fair to try some of the other products in the range.  I found the display in my local Debenhams, and after a peaceful half an hour swatching (the stands are unmanned), I made a selection of purchases of the powder-based products.  

First of all is the palette you see above, Art Deco products form a modular system, you buy an empty container, then fill it with the shades of your choice.  The palette I picked out can hold eight eyeshadow pans, or two blusher-size pans and two shadows, or any combination thereof.  The empty palette costs £14, it has a good sized mirror, emblazoned with "Beauty is Art" at the bottom.

I basically went for neutrals, as the lipsticks I have from the collection are all on the bright side, I thought that neutral shades would complement them best.

I picked out a black (for tightlining), a slightly warm champagne, a dark rich brown, a cool shimmering white, and, of course, a taupe, this time matte, as I don't have too many matte taupes.  Is there such a thing as too many taupes?  If there is, I don't want to know.  The blush is a cool rose, and what you can't see here, because I'm a lousy photographer, is that there is a tiny hint of iridescent blue shimmer in the formulation.  It's not like anything else I own, and it's very beautiful.  It's not at all sparkly on the skin, which is nice too.

The shadows, whilst not as buttery soft as some I've come across, are nice and velvety on the skin.  I find them both easily blendable and buildable. When you factor in their £6 each price point, they're extremely good quality.  I grouped the slightly warmer shades of shadow to the left, and the cooler to the right. 

The blusher costs £10.25, and whilst I normally don't like mixed palettes, there's enough of a lip around this one to ensure that you can use the blusher with most brushes, and not get it intermingled with your shadows, which is handy.

Here are  the same swatches blended out slightly (the swatches above were one or two passes on bare skin applied with a finger, hence the slight patchiness):

Overall, I'm deeply impressed with both the Dita's Classics collection, and Art Deco generally.  I love the freedom to create your own palette, and the price point is a good one too.  You can now find Art Deco at your local Debenhams.

The Fine Print: Purchases. Yes, I was that impressed.

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  1. I've seen this brand in Debenhams and loved the way everything is laid out, and the colours they use in their advertising, although they're a bit more expensive than my usual brands. After reading your review I'm seriously thinking of making up a box of their stuff sometime, maybe with Christmas money. I've always liked the idea of being able to mix up your own collection, mainly because I never ever use up the highlighter in a normal set. I totally agree with your philosophy of "Is there such a thing as too many taupes?", and would probably choose a very similar range of colours, except for the white - I think I'd substitute some kind of pinky brown.

  2. I like the idea of the modulable palette!
    The blush looks really lovely :)

  3. This brand has loads of great make up products! :) What's your favourite item from the Art Decor range?:)

  4. Ooh that blush sounds gorgeous - I can't wait to see it in person!

    Lela -


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