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Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Scent of Fear

I have a confession to make.  Since my month of living hell began, I've not worn any perfume at all, it's an odd situation for me to be in, for, even before Project Perfume began, I would apply perfume daily, even though I wouldn't, actually, pay that much attention to it afterwards.

However, since I've spent most of this year actually paying a lot of attention to how things smell, what I've been trying very hard not to do is to accidentally end up attaching a scent to this period of my life.  For, I keep thinking, if I do, what would happen if I accidentally caught a sniff of that scent afterwards?

I've spent the last week with a racing heart, a dry mouth, total confusion, a constant sense of dread, and  more besides, if that was to come back, even by accident because I caught a whiff of, say, Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Perfumer (a scent guaranteed to cheer up even the darkest day, with it's pineapple-sunshine sense of fun), then I think I would go crazy.

Scent is an odd sense, as it is most definitely tied to memory.  Even now if I smell  Origins Ginger, it makes me want to throw up, because of a bout of food-poisoning I suffered once whilst wearing it.  The merest smidge of Rive Gauche and it's 1981, and I'm waiting at the airport with my mum, waiting for my dad to come home from his first job abroad.  And for serious, you never want to know what I'm reminded of if I get within even a molecule of Southern Comfort ...

So I haven't wanted to tie a scent to this terrible time.  But, if I did want a comfort-scent, what would you recommend? 

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  1. Hmmm... I guess currently Scodioli's Dust Shaker (Mahogany + Sandalwood) and Sweet Anthem's Anton - just a lot of yummy comforting fall notes in one perfume. x

  2. There is so much truth in this post! I'm not sure why but the orginal Ghost perfume makes me feel safe. I always wear it when things are getting tough or serious and I need to appear more confident or need to act my age!!

  3. Because this drunk bunny adores SoCo, I need to know what memory you have associated with the smell...

  4. I struggle with perfumes, because something about my skin means most of them dry down to a very dull "generic" smell that's slightly like the perfumes section of a department store. So I can't recommend actual perfume.

    I do make use of essential oils, though, and when I'm stressed often dig out lots of lavender. Sometimes mixed with geranium and/or bergamot for a bit of variety. However, this kind of thing can be overdone; a friend effectively overdosed on a Boots Aromatherapy Mandarin scent thing when she was doing her finals, and now gets panic attacks if she smells mandarin-ish scents ...

    (BTW, I really hope this horrible time of yours clears up soon. But if it doesn't - I'll be back in the South East tomorrow evening and can then come and keep you company if you need me. Can bring hulking great boyfriend if it's out of office hours, too, and you can make diabolical accountancy jokes at each other if you feel the need ...)

  5. I think it would be BPAL Pumpkin Patch though i'm not sure whether they still do it. Its a lovely homely spicy cookie kind of smell. Very comforting.

    Or funnily enough for real comfort it would probably be a mans fragrance.

  6. OMG I know exactly how you feel. How about using a cheaper perfume for now, not a rank one but a nice one from Zara maybe? White Jasmine and Zara Black are lovely! You don't have to commit to wearing it afterwards and it's unlikely that you'll smell it on anyone else, Zara perfume isn't that strong. Or maybe a body spray you can ditch when you're over the trauma?

  7. For some odd reason smells dont trigger memories for me, ever.

    I'd recommend anything with a hint of Lavender, (although i dont personally like it) my mum swears by it during times like this.

    hope you're doing well lovely.

  8. During a really bad time I made the mistake of indulging in Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste, because I loved it and it made me feel safe and comfy, when I smell it now I feel scared. :/
    I didn't even wear it much, but still can't change anything about this link (..yet I've kept my bottle), which is why I also support avoiding everything during a crisis. :/

    I keep my fingers crossed things get better for you soon! xx

  9. I was going through a hard time and was gifted vouchers for John Lewis.
    When there I spotted Philosophy Inner Grace. The sales lady told me the story of how it came into being and I had to have it.

    The maker was having the worst year of her life and decided to create an 'uplifting' 'comforting' perfume.

    It's light, but warm and cuddly, impossible to overdo.

    I'd recommend that to anyone.

  10. My favourite comfort-scents are L'Artisan Safran Troublant, Guerlain Shalimar Ode a la Vanille, Kenzo Amour le parfum, POTL Luctor et Emergo. But don't try them now, wait once you get everything sorted with the landlord so you won't have any bad associations with these perfumes. xx


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