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Monday 3 October 2011

I'm Back! Kinda!

And I thought you might like a look at the first things I unpacked when I moved to my new bathroom (don't worry there's a flat attached to it too), so here's a sneaky peek at my bathroom cabinet.  Well, some of it.  It turns out that MrLippie's shelf is camera-shy:

As you can probably tell, I've been splurging a bit on the old Darphin, I'll not tell a lie, it has worked wonders for me, and I've been slowly extending my forays into the range.  You can see the Camomile facial oil, the Intral redness serum/toner and comfort cream, and I just recently bought the eyemakeup remover too.  Darphin products are pricy, admittedly, but if you suffer from reddened sensitive skin, as I have a tendency to, then they're a lifesaver.

You can see the Elemis cleansing melt next to the Darphin products, I do still love this for a deep cleanse with my Clarisonic, this tube will need to be replaced soon, as I've worked my way through most of it in the last few months.

Then there is some contact lens fluid.  You don't need to know about this, do you?  It's basically sterilised salty water.  It's, er, you know, good for storing my contact lenses and that. There is also two eye products, one from Filorga, and one from Alpha H, the Filorga is my current night treatment, and the Alpha H is the one I use during the day.  Too soon to see if they're making any difference, but neither of them sting nor give me zits so far, so I'm happy!

There is also a bottle of Pai Geranium and Thistle moisturiser, which I use when the Intral isn't quite moisturising enough.  This is a little bottle of calm for combination skin, and it's gentle enough to use even when I'm red enough to light up  ... erm, something that needs a red light.  I've used it on and off for a couple of years now, and it's very good indeed.

There's a Vapour primer at the back next to these, more about this later, I think it deserves a full post of it's very own.  But suffice to say, I like this a great deal, even with my reservations about face primers in general.

Decleor Aromanight.  I love a balm at night, and this is a balm to die for.  Smells wonderful, soothes and calms, and you wake up to plump glowing skin.  You can't really ask for anything more, just plain divine.  My skin drinks this stuff like it's going out of fashion.

Sue Devitt Bioluminescence Serum.  Love this pale blue moussey stuff.  It's so calming and cooling, it's wonderful.  Also, makes a great primer.  Sue makes wonderful products from sea-stuffs (I believe that's the technical term), and this is a good one.

Next to that is some decanted Bioderma Crealine.  I use this in the mornings for my "quick cleanse".  I don't love it, I must admit, but it doesn't sting, and it seems to do the job, so I stick with it.  There are other micellar water cleansers I prefer, but this is the classic.  I mainly use it as an eye makeup remover, but the Darphin one is taking over at the moment.

Le Metier Peau Vierge, this isn't something I use often - but it is something I'm going to write more about later.  It's an interesting concept, but, as my skin has mainly been reactive this year, it's something I've been a little afeart of using too often for the last wee while.

Alpha H Gentle Exfoliant.  I love this stuff.  There, I said it.  I used to be a big fan of Dermalogica Microfoliant back in the day (till Dermalogica started turning my face radioactive red on a daily basis, that is), and this is a great, nay, excellent substitute.  It gets rid of stubborn dry patches, and doesn't irritate.  Since I've added this to my daily routine, I've been able to reduce my clarisonic usage to less than once a week instead of once a day.

Vaseline Active Fresh cream deodorant.  This has been my choice of underarm protection for more years than I care to remember.  It's practically impossible to find these days, so whenever I do find it, I snap it up in multiples.  Clean and fresh-smelling, without clashing with any scents I choose to wear with it, I feel lost when I have to use something else.  Which I had to do on Saturday when I couldn't find the damn thing.  Saturday was not a good day.

Finally, on the right there is a selection of products from Repechage.  Little-known outside of certain circles, this is a brand I'm very fond of.  If you've read the rest of this piece, you'll have seen the word "calming" a lot, as my skin has been very reactive and RED this year.  Well, I'm slowly (very slowly) trying to re-introduce some more "active" skincare to my routine, and I've chosen the Repechage Biolight range to do it with, so I'm alternating the Darphin products with the Biolight - designed to lighten and brighten the skin without irritating - and I'm happy with the results, and the lack of RED, so far.  I'll keep you posted.

I guess this is just a list of current favourites, and some old, old favourites, but this is very much a snapshot of what I use on a regular basis, and why.

I'll be back with regular postings soon, well, as soon as I get my broadband sorted, that is ...

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  1. Loved this post. That shelf is a veritable treasure trove!!

  2. I have this thing about looking inside people's bathroom cabinets, so this satisfied the snoop in me! I want to try everything now - except for the Peau Vierge, I already have that =)

  3. I have shelf envy! Particularly interested to hear about the Darphin products, I have skin that tends towards red and sensitive so always on the look out for things that help, at the moment Liz Earle with the occasional slap of Alpha H Liquid Harmony seems to be doing the trick but worth knowing about Darphin if things take a turn for the worse! Good luck in your new home!

  4. Being the nosy beggar that I am, I love this post. I want to come and play with it all!

  5. Did you know that that boring contact lens Fluid is the best liquid to use if you are going to apply and of your color eye products wet? It's sterile, so it's better in case you get some in your eye.

  6. OMG it's like a mini-edition of Cribs. I hope Get foodie will show us the contents of the fridge next!

  7. I love Darphin. I used it for a good chunk of my twenties and had absolutely perfect skin with it. It's a wonderful, wonderful line. I'm also quite liking Vapour! I have a singer I work on that is actually allergic to silicone. Vapour has been a godsend working on her latest press shots! I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with as well as the lovely finish it had on the monitor during the last shoot. R x


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