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Monday 10 October 2011


Hello, my name is Get Lippie, and right now, I am a woman on the edge.

Some of you know that I've been having trouble with my landlord (a woman) since moving to another of her properties on Friday 30th September.  Well, things are now a little, shall we say, out of hand.  If you've read my Tweets, you'll know what's been happening.

My landlord has instituted a seeming campaign of terror since moving, and life is pretty much intolerable as it stands.  Currently we're looking for a new place to live, at the same time as trying to defend our rights to a quiet life.  At some point I may blog about what's going on, maybe use this as some kind of electronic diary of an illegal eviction (it's a colourful story, and might involve salutory lessons to anyone who reads it), but at the moment, I can't face it.

What I also can't face right now, is blogging about beauty.  I miss it, and I miss my regular interaction with my readers, so this is just a little blog post to let you know why posts might be sporadic, if at all, and when they do appear, they might not feature lipstick for a little while.

What I'd like to request from people who have my address and want to send stuff to Get Lippie (life does go on, and Get Lippie WILL be back - hopefully very soon) is that they email me FIRST, to get new contact details, I do not believe that it is safe to send anything to me at my current address.

If you're a tenant in rented accomodation, please make sure that you have checked out your landlord thoroughly, make sure you have all your documentation in order, and that you document any and all conversations with your landlord during your tenancy.  You never know when you might need it.  Also, check they have protected your deposit, and that you have seen your gas appliance certification.  Protect yourselves, and hopefully you'll never need to use those things in anger, or despair.  We're doing everything by the book, and have faith that we'll prevail, because right is, this time, on our side.

The Lippies want to send out heartfelt thanks to the following people: Tanya, Peter, Lucy, Carmen, Katherine, Gillian, Indy, Jack and Caroline for going above and beyond the boundaries of work, blogging and friendship and have taken the time and trouble to help us out recently. And, to everyone who has taken the time to email, text, DM or RT pleas for help on Twitter, thank you too.  The Lippies wouldn't have got through the last weekend without that support, and I can't thank people enough.

Next time I post, I hope the news will be better.  I'll keep you guys informed.

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  1. I've read about your ordeal on twitter and hadn't wanted to tweet as it seemed a bit futile, there are no words of wisdom or advice I can offer but I just wanted so say I really do hope things start looking up for the Lippies soon. It is sickening that somebody can terrorise you in your home. My heart really does go out to you - I've been in this position with a landlord and it's horrendous.
    Stay strong and fingers crossed you come out of this nightmare soon xx
    (Georgia - prev. WelshBeautBlog)

  2. I'm so sorry Louise, I hope things get sorted out soon. Karma will bite your landlord in the arse. :( *hugs*

  3. I couldn't believe the things this woman has been putting you through after reading all your tweets. It must be awful and I do hope it works out for you both xx

  4. Oh Louise, I wish so much that I could fly over and deal with this horrid woman for you. I am sending you and Mr. L all the strength I have so that you both make it through this awful mess. I love you both!! xoxo

  5. I hope that everything works out xx

  6. That is so terrible! I hope everything gets sorted out for you, and soon! much xo

  7. Get it sorted out first, that is the most important. We will all be here when you are back. :-)

  8. Im so sorry what your going through right now it sounds truly awful. I had a nightmare landlord a few years ago now, it was the most depressed ive ever been in my whole life so I can feel your pain. I hope you get it all sorted soon, and trust me theres light at the end of the tunnel x x

  9. I'm so coming round with my bat. Evil cow.

  10. Thinking of you - hope this weekend is easier than last xo


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