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Sunday 27 September 2009

Makeover: Sharon Pt 1

We're going to do the makeover in two parts today - you'll see why when part two is posted later ...

Meet Sharon:

Sharon is another friend of mine who has volunteered for a makeover. Whilst chatting about how she'd like to look, she had two requests, firstly, she wanted a nice, simple, polished look suitable for interviews and everyday wear.  The second we'll talk about in part two.  As you can see, Sharon has beautiful porcelain skin,  amazing cheekbones, and enormous eyes, realistically, Sharon doesn't need a huge amount of makeup to make the most of those features, so we worked with only three or four products.

First of all, foundation.  As I mentioned earlier, Sharon has lovely creamy skin, so we didn't need much in the way of coverage.  I used a very light layer of Max Factor Seamless foundation, and only used it in those areas where Sharon is prone to a bit of high colour - around the nose, and a little on her cheeks.

As you can see, this has evened out her skintone just a little, and left us with a good base to work from.  Sharon's eyes are bicoloured - she has one of grey, and one of blue - so, I played around with a bluish-grey colour wash to make the most of what I think is a most distinctive - and lovely - feature.


Here, I've used Calvin Klein shadow in Granite, just the one shade all over the lid, darker towards the lash line, and blended in more towards the socket line.

Once this was in place, we finished with a touch of the same shadow under the lower lashes as a liner, then a light coat of Lancome Hypnose on the lashes, and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Sheer Blackberry, here's how it looked:


So there you go, polished, pretty, and suitable for any business occasion.

However, Sharon also wanted a dramatic - and I do mean dramatic - look for a Ball she's going to in a few weeks.  I'll be posting the details of that one very shortly.

Click here for part two ...



  1. that is lovely, really soft and pretty. In particular, that lippie really suits her. Great job - can't wait for the DRAMATIC one!

  2. Beautiful and glamorous! Love the eyes.

  3. Thank you all, helps that I had such a gorgeous model yesterday! Donna/Sarah, can't wait to get you both on here too!

  4. About a month before you get to attack me with products!


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