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Saturday 12 September 2009

Review - Eyeshadow Primers - The Results!

So, some 13 hours wear later, here's how we're looking:

There's some significant fading on both, but this is an eyeshadow that lasts an hour, maybe two without a primer, so that's only to be expected. Both also have creasing, but again, on an eyeshadow that ordinarily simply disappears into the ether, this is really to be expected.

If I were judging this simply on end-of-the-day looks, I'd have to declare Urban Decay the outright winner. However ... the skin on my left eye (with the UD) simply isn't as comfortable on the right, it feels a bit drier, and tauter, somehow. The MAC eye (on the left there) feels like I have nothing at all on my skin. When I went to blend these creases back in, I found that the UD eye stayed firmly creased, but with the MAC one, it was still possible to get rid of the line. This all makes the winner tougher to call than I expected ...

Urban Decay definitely makes your make up last longer, there's no doubt about that. But, this longevity at the cost of a certain amount of comfort, and there's the fact that you have to be quick, and certain, with your application, as once your make up is on, it's not going to be moved.

So, let's break it down in marks out of ten for the specifics:

MAC - 8/10 - cute "oil-paint" tubes!
Urban Decay 6/10 - packaging that makes it impossible to get the last few applications out. I've had to cut tubes open before now.

MAC - 8/10 - Just a tiny dab on your fingertip will do both eyelids
Urban Decay- 8/10 - sponge tip applicator spreads product evenly over eyelids.

Colour Trueness
MAC - 7/10 - Colour trueness was good, in isolation, but ...
Urban Decay - 9/10 - not as good as the Urban Decay.

MAC - 7/10 - once colour was on the eye, it was fairly easy to blend in, and add more, if needed.
Urban Decay - 3/10 - colour could be blended, but only with a LOT of effort, and if you added too much, well, you were stuck with it, unless you wanted to remove it and start all over again.

MAC - 7/10 - Definitely faded, and creased by the end of the evening. But shadow and liner, still visible!
Urban Decay - 9/10 - Definitely kept your makeup (and it's creases!) in place. This baby was going nowhere!

MAC - 8/10 - didn't make make up feel heavy, and stayed comfortable throughout the day
Urban Decay - 6/10 - no heaviness, but the eyelid definitely felt drier as the evening wore on.

MAC 45/60
Urban Decay - 41/60

So, our winner is:

MAC by a very small margin! MAC's ease of use and comfort just edged it as the winner for me, over UD's poor packaging design, and lack of blendability. Sorry Urban Decay!


  1. But but but, the MAC one is sparkly!

  2. It's not hugely sparkly, certainly in the pics it's hard to pic up that the MAC has any shimmer at all. As the object of primer is to be covered up by shadow, it doesn't matter all that much, really.

    I mainly use matte shadows over the Paint and I've never had a problem with sparkle-leakage. ;)


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