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Sunday 20 September 2009

Makeover: Jane

Meet Jane:

Jane is a good friend of mine, and she's kindly agreed to be my first model in my makeover series.  Jane's 47, works in a University, and has amazing bone structure.  Ordinarily, Jane doesn't wear much make-up beyond a touch of mascara and some Vaseline on her lips, and today we are going to create a glamorous and sophisticated evening look.

The first thing to do is to even out skin-tone with a touch of base, Jane is a little prone to high colour around her cheeks, nose and forehead, so we concentrated on those areas:

We used MAC stick foundation here in NC25, and I used that as a concealer in the corners of her eyes, and a touch of matching MAC Concealer underneath her eyes too. In order to counteract Jane's natural tendency to redness, I used Benefit Bluffdust to set and finish off the base.

Here's how Jane looked after some serious blending:

Jane has beautiful blue eyes, but they need a little more framing, so before we got started on her eyes properly, I filled in her eyebrows a little using Bobbi Brown Blonde eyeshadow:

Just a dab'll do ya ...

For Jane's lids, I used Bobbi Brown Champagne Truffle shimmer wash, with Stone to define the crease:

In the flesh, the Champagne is actually more of a golden-apricot shade which complements Jane's eyes perfectly.  I then went on and added Chocolate as an eyeliner, and finished with two coats of Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara.

To finish, I added MAC Blushbaby, and a touch of Bare Escentuals Clear radiance to Jane's cheeks, and for her lips, we used Estee Lauder lipstick in Sugar Honey:

Presto!  A lovely, sophisticated - glowing! - look, that can be toned down slightly for the daytime too.

Here's the obligatory soft focus glamour shot:

All photos - except the last - shot in pure daylight and unretouched.

Many thanks to Jane for being so patient and lovely, here's hoping you enjoyed it!


  1. I'm 47 rather than 44! Jane

  2. And yes, I did enjoy it very much!

  3. Woohoo! Great handiwork... Jane's ready to hit the tiles!

    Hope you don't mind me asking a question?

    I'm really cool toned too and prone to redness around my nose and tops of my cheeks... did you use NC25 (which I believe is more yellow-toned than NW??) on purpose to counteract the redness in her skin along with the Bluffdust?

    Hope I'm not completely wrong about the NC/NW bit... I've never tried MAC foundations, so am a little clueless.

    I want you to make me over too!

  4. Jane, you're never 47! I'll change it though, thanks for letting me know!

    Lipglossiping, I'll be honest, I used the NC25, as it was the nearest match I had to Jane's skintone, without being too chalky. I don't have a huge amount of foundations at present - something I'm slowly rectifying.

    That said, I do think the slight yellowness in the foundation did help even out the redness, certainly, there wasn't much of a clash with Jane's skintone, and her skin was much more even after.

    I don't, in all honesty, hold much faith in MAC's colour numbering system, as every time I go see them, I'm given a different answer, and the assistants themselves never seem to remember which one is which at times.

  5. And Blimey! I've seen your work, you need no help from me! But, next time you're in London, do let me know, I'd be delighted! You can give me some photography tips, in exchange!

  6. Thanks Luce!

    I shall have to experiment! Maybe a yellow toned concealer finished with a neutral rather than cool toned foundation.

    Great stuff! (and no, Jane doesn't look 47)

  7. Blushbaby is such a good blush. I love this kind of makeover - achievable and pretty.

  8. I do like that Champagne shadow on Jane's lids. Is that part of the BB palette or can you get it singly? Although I don't know why I'm asking given that I bought a coat, scarf and trousers today, have shoes and a dress on the wish list and am saving for my trip to Bruges in November...

  9. It's part of the palette, but you can usually find the most popular palette colours in singles at Bobbi Brown counters. It's probably the colour I've used most out of that compact!


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