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Sunday 27 September 2009

Makeover: Sharon Pt 2

We created a soft and professional look for Sharon earlier but as we mentioned,  she also wanted a very dramatic look for a "Bizarre Ball" she's going to in a few weeks.  The costume she's going to be wearing is green, so, we used greens as the focus colour for the make up we're about to test here.  Please bear in mind that these pictures are of a make-up test rather than the makeovers we're used to.

First of all, Sharon had to remove the eye makeup we applied earlier:

We used Chanel Precision eye make up remover for this, which I've blogged about earlier, it's my default eyemakeup remover.

Then we applied another layer of foundation over the Max Factor, as dramatic make up demands a flawless and matte base.  Once the foundation was in place, we set it with a sweep of MAC Blot in Medium:

After priming the eyelids with some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it was time to break out some fun colours!  In this post I showed you my pro-colour palette, and this was it's maiden outing.  I'm going to use two shades of green on the lids, the sparkly pistachio shade (top far right) in the inner corner, and the dark forest green (bottom far right) on the outer corner.  Here's how it looked:

I love the way these greens look in the flesh, they're very pigmented, so they're astonishingly striking when you see them on the skin. But, just the green isn't going to be dramatic enough on it's own, so let's add some black in there:

What I've done here is add black in the socket line, and brought it around to meet the same black shadow (Virgin V shadow in charcoal) that I've used to line the upper lashes.

Here's how it looks with the eyes open:

(Have no idea what's happened to the contrast there, please accept my apologies for being such a lousy photographer)

And here's how it looks when we add in a beige lip gloss (this is a Rimmel Vinyl gloss, but the label has worn off, so I've no idea of the shade, sorry!)

As I mentioned, this is a make up test, so, when I re-create this for real I'll make a few tiny changes.  I love the colours, and think they work really well with Sharon's complexion, and planned outfit, but I'll most likely not go quite so far up the socket line with the black next time, wing out the liner more, and make the edges a little sharper.  I couldn't find my synthetic edge brush this afternoon, so the soft edges aren't quite what I'd planned.  This look is just crying out for some mega false lashes too, I'll have to dig some up.

Just hope the ball is fun!



  1. Oh wow, I love that. I want make up like that!

  2. Loving your work and just wanted to say thanks for the blog recommendation!xxx

  3. Thank you both very much! This look still needs some refining, but I loved working with this one!

  4. Amazing for a trial run, Luce! Green is totally her colour :) and adding the black in the crease really makes the look work for her. But yeah I think you're right about not bringing the black up quite so far next time, but hey that's what trial runs are for, right! :D


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