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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Laura Mercier Glam to Go Kit

I do love this time of year for makeup kits!   Laura Mercier is one of my favourite makeup brands (my all-time favourite eyeshadow of all time is Laura Mercier Twilight Grey) and they have some cracking kits this Christmas, and this is my favourite one.  Look at that gorgeous packaging!

Opening it up, there's more of that gorgeous burnished packaging, and a sparkly lipgloss (Lip Glace in Sparkling Daiquiri), and when you flip up the flap, these are revealed:

A blush (Rich Nectar - gently peachy), a mid-tone bronzer, and four neutral eyeshadows, which  are: Espresso Bean (dark brown), Ro-Cocoa (taupe), Vie en Rose (grey-taupe) and Coquette (soft off-white).  All the shades except Espresso Bean are lightly shimmering.  I love that they are all neutrals, it makes the palette beautifully versatile, and very useful.  I'd have liked a pinker lipgloss, personally, but that's just me.  At £35 this contains practically everything you need for a full makeup (barring foundation and mascara) and this price, for Laura Mercier, is quite a bargain.

A great accessory for any handbag, this one.

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  1. That packaging is to DIE FOR. That looks like a fab kit: I always worry with kits that you only like about half of it. That hits the spot totally


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