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Monday 2 November 2015

Sleek Christmas Collection 2015

I'm a sucker for a Christmas collection, I am and this is a very pretty one from Sleek this year!  Glittering finishes and beautiful metallics abound including the gorgeous i-lust palette above.

Named after famous designers, Margiela and Louis are cream shades and the rest are sparkling powders.  The pigmentation is deep and lush, as you would expect from Sleek, and this is a nice, neutral selection of quite sparkly colours.  Did I mention they're quite sparkly?

To see the lipglosses, and the unusual highlighter collection please click the link to get to the rest of the post:

Named after precious stones (well, not quite, unless they meant "Diamond" instead of Solitaire there), there are four highlighters, Solitaire is silver in a cream formulation. Tanzanite is a metallic peach, Cubic Zirconia is a pale gold, and Rhinestone, well, Rhinestone is a grey with a blue-green duochrome.

It is beautiful, really quite beautiful, but if you're pale-skinned, it's probably better as an eyecolour (in the vein of Club by MAC), than a highlighter, but on dark skins?  It's absolutely stunningly gorgeous as a highlighter.  Perfect for the holiday season.

And then, there are three lipglosses:

Love these glittery lipglosses! A pink, a nude, and a red, they're all quite sheer, but very, very sparkly (you may be sensing a theme here, it took me a while, but I got there, eventually). 

So pretty, and an affordable option for glittery looks this Christmas, as prices begin at £7.99 for the entire range.  It#s in-store very soon!

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