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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Burberry Kisses Sheer in 297 Midnight Plum, 249 Hydrangea, and 241 Crimson Pink

If 2014 was the year of matte lips, then 2015 has been the year of sheer glossy ones (it's also been a banner year for eye crayons, but more on that another time).  Now, I'm normally a full-on opaque kind of girl to be honest, but I'm always happy to play with sheers, as long as they're still pigmented enough to show up on my lips.  Luckily, these are, and they're gorgeous colours too.  More after the jump.

297 Midnight Plum (which for some reason I always want to call Chestnut Plum) is a very dark browned shade which would be almost impossible to wear in an opaque format, but the sheerness makes it a lot more forgiving in a balm-like consistency.  249 Hydrangea is a rosy mauve-pink  which is a nude on my pigmented lips, and 241 Crimson Pink is a glorious bright pink, as you might expect from the name.

As you can see from the hand swatches, they're not unpigmented, and even one quick pass with the bullet will deposit a good coverage of colour on the skin and (as we'll see) on the lips:

My lips are quite unevenly pigmented naturally, I have a darker ring of pigment around the outside (it looks like I have lined my lips when I haven't!) and, as you can see, all of these shades cover that up nicely.  Midnight Plum probably gives the least even coverage, but as these are super-super-super close up pics, it's unlikely you'd notice this too much in normal wear, tbh.  But even Hydrangea in the middle there, covers up my natural lip colour quite nicely.

The packaging is lovely, featuring a magnetic lid, though it's a little lighter-feeling in the hand than a normal Burberry Kisses lipstick, and they lack the gorgeous embossing of the bullet that you get in the more opaque formula too, but they're still a handsome addition to the makeup bag.  The formula itself is cushion-y and balm-like, and feels really very comfortable indeed in wear.  There was no drying of my lips at all, but the lasting power is about what you would expect from a sheer and glossy formula.  I liked them a lot, especially Hydrangea and Crimson Pink.

Burberry Kisses Sheer will cost £25 each when they are released on 1st November, and there will be 28 shades in the range in total.

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  1. Oh my...more Burberry lippies to lust after. I own Nude Rose and Copper Mist - which is more sheer - and was toying with getting Feather Pink. Now everything is up in the air again till I see this lot!

    1. I love them. Genuinely love them. They remind me of my beloved Chantecaille Lip Chics, but the colours are more pigmented in the Burberry.

  2. Crimson pink is gorgeous color!

  3. oofta, that Crimson pink shade! Killing me over here!

  4. How does the plum one compare with Shiseido Honey Tea? I'm permanently on the lookout for one to replace my beloved, discontinued Smashbox Sheer Marvelous.

  5. My favourite lipsticks of all time are Burberry Lip Velvet - but i'll definitely need to give these guys a go! Hidden Freckles Blog x


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