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Sunday 11 October 2015

#LipsNspritz of the week 11.10.15

Life would be dull indeed without lipstick and perfume, I've made it a mission this last month or so to document my entire lipstick and perfume "wardrobe".  The idea is to wear every perfume and lipstick that I own, and post my thoughts on each on Instagram every day.  I'm trying to do it without repeats, but I've decided to allow myself the occasional one (admittedly an exception made for my "parosmia perfume" Paradox, because there are days still where it's the only thing I can face smelling), but I won't do it too often.  This week I replenished my stores of the original Acqua di Parma, which is one of my all-time favourite fragrances of all-time, and I'm delighted that it's largely untouched by my disability.  It's the smell of a hot and soapy sportsman emerging from the shower, and I've missed it terribly since I ran out last year!  I wore it with Burberry Kisses Sheer balm in Hydrangea, and you'll see more of that later on this week.

Other lipstick and perfume combos of the week after the jump:

Clinique Beyond Rose is a woody rose with a slightly middle-eastern feel to both the scent and the beyond pretty packaging and bottle.  I love it a great deal, but on bad-smell days it can smell a little burned to me.  I think this is because there is either vetiver or (more likely) patchouli in the base - I can no longer distinguish between the two - but I can tell this is a dry, dark rose perfume, and it feels very sophisticated to me.  Raspberries work well with rose, and Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick in Fresh Raspberry, a fleshy fresh pink, was the perfect accompaniment.

I had a strange day emotionally last Sunday, and was still feeling a bit off on Monday, so I chose the beautifully disconcerting rotten papaya and guava of Clinique (formerly Prescriptives) Calyx.  I adore this, it's fruity and sour, and rotten and beautiful and disturbingly haunting all at the same time.  I used to think it smelled of grapefruit, but it doesn't. not really.  An odd choice for a Monday morning, but if you can't be weird on a Monday, when can you? I paired it with a classic red-pink from Guerlain, the Rouge G in Madame Batifole.

Still craving fruit, but more classic in tone, I picked the bright and pretty quince and rose of Penhaligon's Vaara, which has to be one of the most gorgeously packaged fragrances from the company, ever. I wore it with Clinique's Matte in Crimson, which is a fabulous lipstick that I should wear more often.

Clinique's Aromatics in White is a bugger to photograph, but it's a lovely spicy, more work-place appropriate version of Aromatics Elixir.  I paired it with Urban Decay's Mrs Mia Wallace lipstick from last year's Pulp Fiction collection.  It's  great, dramatic blood red.

By Friday I was feeling a lot better, and the thought of the weekend was a good one, so I broke out the classic Joy by Jean Patou.  This gorgeously blended melange of rose and jasmine (seriously, get to a department store and spray it on yourself, one sniff and it's a rose fragrance, the next a jasmine - it's a masterpiece) is one of the jewels of my collection, and I always feel like a real lady wearing it.  As I was meeting a French friend after work, and seeing a French cabaret act, I naturally wore one of the Frenchest lipsticks I own, Chanel's Rouge Coco in Cambon.  A cool bright pink-red that seemed to fit the occasion.

What have you been wearing this week?

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