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Thursday 1 October 2015

Zelens Intense Defence Antioxidant Serum


I was chatting to a dermatologist recently, and she mentioned that the future of skincare lies in antioxidant products.  Now, as I was already trialling Zelens Intense Defense Antioxidant Serum, this pleased me somewhat, but left me realising that the only thing I really know about oxidisation is that it is what causes iron to rust, and, as I definitely don't want my face to rust, this has to be a good thing, right?

Joking aside, what Zelens Intense Defence is at heart is a protective serum, designed to save your skin from everyday pollutants in the air, and save your face from environmental stress. As someone who's face is almost always permanently red through sensitivity this recently released serum from Zelens - long one of my favourite skincare brands - interested me hugely. 

Intense Defence contains 18 active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, shiso mint, thioctic acid, coenzyme Q10, squalene, chromane and a stable form of vitamin C, which is probably the most famous antioxidant of all. It sinks in nicely, and doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin, which is nice.

I've found, after around 4 weeks of regular use, that my skin is much less reactive to things like heat and alcohol (So, I like a drink.  No, you shut up), that used to immediately send me pinker.  I've also found that my skin is much less reactive to skin products overall, and, when a product has caused a reaction (nothing topical will cure mine, or anyone else's for that matter, sensitivity completely) it is less severe, and heals much more quickly.  I wish I had been using it before the Ren debacle a few weeks ago, now!  It doesn't cause any of my other skincare to roll up into little silicone balls, which is also a good thing.  I like this serum a lot, and it is really going to come into its own now the weather is changing, I always find that constantly going from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors plays havoc with my skin, and I'm hopeful that this will help.

Now for the price.  Zelens skincare is always pricey, bear that in mind, and the price of this serum is no different, we're talking £125 for 30mls of product.  That said, this is something I'd consider paying for going forward.  I buy many of the Zelens products you see on this blog, and that is because it's a brand I trust, created by a doctor I trust (no one removes a potentially pre-cancerous mole like Dr Marko Lens!), and I know just how much research goes into his formulas.  So yes, a lot to pay,  but I estimate the bottle will last me at least another four months going by recent usage (if I don't swap to something else in the meantime, that is), and I can always economise on moisturisers - as to me, they're the least important part of any serious skincare routine, anyway.

What's the skincare brand you trust most?

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  1. i like active ingredients. I feel like it def helps, because its not using as much preservatives. I'm not sure, but I too don't want rust! :p This brand does sound very good though, esp if recommended by a dermatologist :)


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