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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Hair Disaster recovery with Headmasters

We've all done it.  Had a fit of "fed-up-ness" with our hair and gone and got the lot chopped off on a whim.  Now, I HATE getting my hair cut, forever fearing the "bad cut", but nonetheless the week before Christmas, I did precisely what you shouldn't, and booked myself into my nearest hairdresser (a branch of Headmasters that I've been to before, but not for a cut, admittedly), and cajoled my  brand new stylist to cut the lot off.  I took along my pinterest board for reference:

 And begged for a slightly-shorter-in-back wavy dishevelled bob.

Well, it did not go to plan.  My stylist - who was adorable throughout, by the way, one of the nicest people to ever cut my hair - just didn't share my ideas for my new 'do, and - worse - couldn't cope with my wavy locks.  You know that scene in Steel Magnolias where Julia Roberts tells Dolly Parton just to make Sally Field's hair look like a big brown football helmet?  Well, it was just like that. Only bigger.

Not good.  I gave it a week, and couldn't cope with my hair being even bigger short than it ever was long.  I know there is a saying "The bigger the hair, the closer to God", but frankly, my hair already has ideas above its station, and doesn't need the encouragement, so I conceded defeat and contacted Headmasters direct to ask what they normally do in this situation.

The answer surprised - and delighted - me. Did you know that Headmasters offer an unconditional guarantee?  Don't worry, I didn't either.  I'd picked Headmasters because I've been a judge several times for the Creative Head magazine Most Wanted awards over the years, and Headmasters always do well in whichever category they're nominated in, but still I didn't know this.

Every customer who isn't delighted with their hair after a visit to Headmasters should get in touch with the salon and ask to speak to the manager, and explain their situation.  The manager will listen to your concerns and do everything in their power to fix the situation, whether that's arranging more training for your stylist or inviting you back to sort out your problem, and all without having to argy bargy over the details.  

makeup free - sorry.

I ended up going to the Putney branch of Headmasters to meet with Siobhan Jones, one of Headmasters' colour directors, to fix my disastrous cut on Christmas Eve and I am delighted.  Siobhan is a fellow curly-girl, so totally "got" my hair, and my concerns, and did her best to both fix the immediate problem, and cut my hair into a style designed to get better for my waves as it grows out.  I love a stylist who gives individual tips about specific hair concerns, and Siobhan's advice has been great, from showing me how to style my fringe in a way that makes my STUPID cowlicks behave themselves, to mentioning that I shouldn't get it cut again for three months, to getting rid of my "football helmet" just in time for the holidays, I couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much Headmasters for turning a disaster into a triumph.  I'm even happier that all your customers get the same service too.  

The Fine Print: I paid for the original haircut, but the follow-up appointment was arranged by the Headmasters PR team after I contacted them for help with this post.  Customer services will do the exact same for you though.

The Even Finer Print: We're not featuring full fragrance reviews on Get Lippie at the moment owing to illness - please see The Parosmia Diaries for more.

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  1. this actually sounds like something im in need of , my hair is always very dry


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