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Friday, 5 December 2014

Neom Perfect Peace Candle

Christmas, quite frankly, really isn't a proper Christmas without a Neom Christmas candle on the go.  Every year I buy and light a 3-wick  Christmas Wish, and that's how I know that the festive season is really underway.  I didn't finish last years Christmas Wish, so I still have that to look forward to this year.

This year's addition to the Christmas collection is Perfect Peace, which is a lime and pine-centric piece of Christmas wonderfulness.  It smells gloriously sharp and fresh, which is unexpected in a Christmas candle, but the pine underneath the line is sappy and sharp, and rather lovely, without ever heading into disinfectant territory.  This might be my favourite Neom Christmas scent ever, as even to my damaged olfactory nerve, it still smells like Christmas, just in rather an unexpected direction.

The single wick Perfect Peace candle can still be had for £32 from Neom.  Sadly, the 3-wick edition has now sold out.  I really hope it'll be back next year!

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